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Topic - Our topic this term is all about rocks and fossils. We went on the mini bus to Folkestone Warren to hunt for fossils. Mr Godfrey is a fossil expert and he came with us to show us what to look for. We had a successful day and found lots of interesting things to take back to school.

Maths - Maths this term is focused on place value and shapes. We have been using practical activities to reinforce our understanding of place value, using numbers up to 1000! We have also been looking at the properties of 2D shapes, and making symmetrical patterns - maths can be lots of fun!

Star Author - Our Star Author this month is the fabulous Roald Dahl. We are currently reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but he wrote many, many books. We will be reading others, including his poems, and finding out about this wonderful author loved by millions.

English - In English we are reading the book Stone Girl Bone Girl - the true story of a young girl called Mary Anning who went on to be one of the greatest fossil hunters ever!

School Council Elections - We held an election in Courtesy class to find our representative for the school council. It was a closely run race with three superb candidates.

In year 3 we are learning to play the ukulele! We are lucky to have a musician like Mr Cook come into school and teach us these brilliant skills. We’re hoping to be able to play together in front of the school, so lots of practice ahead!

Courtesy class have been making 3D shapes with different building materials. Here we are making them with Frameworks. We made shapes like this cube, cuboid and triangular prism. We learned to name the parts of 3D shapes - the face, the edge and the vertices. There are so many 3D shapes - sphere, cube, cuboid, prisms, pyramids and more!

English - Our fiction book this term is Stone Age Boy. It tells the story of a boy who was walking through the woods, when he tripped and fell down, down, down… into the Stone Age! Or was it all a dream? We just don’t know…

Term 2’s topic is Stone Age to Iron Age

We have started to find out about how everyday life was long, long ago. Homes, clothes, food, activities were all very different to now. Imagine a world with no shops, no electricity, no plastic and no fabrics. It’s hard to think about!

Our Star Reader for Term 2 is Dick King-Smith.

He wrote so many books – I wonder if you can find out just how many?

He worked as a farmer when he was young. This gave him a love of animals, and he went on to write many animal stories for children. We are reading The Hodgeheg at the moment.

One of his most famous stories is The Sheep Pig, which was made into a film and renamed Babe… maybe you’ve seen it!

PE -  Mrs Parnell is leading gymnastics every Tuesday – please make sure the children remember their PE kits!

We are also doing reading comprehension and dictionary work in our English activities. It’s very busy in Year 3!

We imagined what it might be like to creep through a dark, scary cave. We did some drama using a black blanket to make a cave, and pretended we were in the Stone Age!

- Welcome to Courtesy Class Page -

Our teacher is Mrs Kearl and our TAs are: Mrs Cook & Miss Covatti.

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 - Term 2 -

- Term 2’s Targets -

Maths: I am beginning to recall the 4x tables.

Writing: I can learn and use 20 new spellings accurately.

Reading: I can answer comprehension questions based on the text

I am reading.

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Home Learning

Translation of Home Learning

 - Term 1 -

- Term 1’s Targets -

Reading: I can discuss a text I have been reading.

Writing: I can learn and use my weekly spellings.

Maths: I can recall the 2, 5 and 10 times tables and related division facts.

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Home Learning

Translation of Home Learning

We had Forest School!

Courtesy spent the day in Kearsney Abbey woods, learning new skills and having lots of fun!

Here we are making tree protecting fairies, sawing wood, climbing trees, toasting marshmallows round the campfire, and so much more…

Anti-Bullying Day - We were thinking about what ‘All different, all equal’ means.

We drew posters of ourselves to show how every one of us is different.

We don’t judge our friends by how they look or what their beliefs are – we are ALL DIFFERENT, ALL EQUAL!

 - Term 3 -

- Term 3’s Targets -

Reading: To retrieve and interpret information from the text I am reading.

Writing: To learn and use my 20 new spellings.

Maths: I can recall the division facts for the tables I have learned so far. (2, 4, 5, 10)

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Home Learning

Translation of Home Learning

English - This term we are basing our English lessons around the book The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig by Eugene Trivizaz. It’s a wonderfully funny, topsy-turvy tale that turns the traditional story upside down.

Our Star Author this term is a bit different – not just one author, but we will be listening to some traditional fairy tales that have been handed down through the years. Which is your favourite traditional tale? Cinderella? Red Riding Hood? Rumplestiltskin?

Welcome to term 3!

Topic - Our topic this term is Invaders – we shall be finding out about the different groups of people who have made Britain their home, starting with the Anglo-Saxons. There will be lots to discover, and lots of fun activities to help us with our learning!

In Maths we will be focusing on ways of multiplying and dividing. We are still practicing our times tables every day, the children are getting very good at them! We will be practicing our times table division facts this term, so that we get really confident with them. Also in maths we are learning about statistics. He we are sorting shapes in a Venn diagram.

HISTORY WEEK - Year 3 were learning about Victorians. Here we are examining some Victorian photographs to see what life was like 150 years ago.We used a lot of first hand resources in our learning. Here we are modelling some Victorian clothes. We also handled original kitchen utensils, such as a washboard and carpet beater!

We have been learning about statistics.

We surveyed our friends on different subjects – what their favourite pet was, their favourite dinner or colour – then we created bar charts to present the data. It was great fun!

We went to Dover museum to find out more about the Anglo Saxons

Learning about the Bronze Age boat.

Making clay Anglo Saxon brooches.

Martin showed us some Anglo Saxon artefacts and explained lots of things about their daily lives.

We painted our brooches when we got back to school.

This is a millstone for grinding flour.

This is a millstone used for grinding flour.

This is a millstone used for grinding flour.

 - Term 4 -

- Term 4’s Targets -

Maths: I am beginning to recall the 3 times tables and related division facts.  

Writing: I can use 20 of the NEW words I have been given.  

Reading: I can explain the purpose of a text and discuss the author’s choices.

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Home Learning

Translation of Home Learning

Topic - In Term 4 we are finding out all about light and shadow! Where does light come from? How are shadows made? What is a light source? There are SO many questions to ask! We will be doing lots of science activities to discover what it is all about. We went on a shadow hunt around the school. Look at what we saw…

English - Our writing this term is based on the book Moonbear’s Shadow. Moonbear goes fishing and discovers that his shadow scares the fish away. He then sets out to catch his shadow – will he succeed?

Maths - We are loving our fraction work this week!