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- Music Page  -

Music Coordinator:

Mrs Wright

- Meet our Music Team -

Music Teacher:

Mr Cook

We have a 'composer of the month' at Priory Fields.  This composer's music is played through the corridors and the corridor digital signage displays some Powerpoint slides about our chosen composer.This term our composer is Johann Strauss.

- Composer of the Month -

Saturday 30th June – Year 4 pbones musicians rehearsal and concert in Deal.

11am – rehearsal

1pm – Concert

Saturday 7th July – Year 3 taking part in Canterbury Carnival

Times TBC

Monday 9th July – Year 5 Brass musicians rehearsal and concert in Deal

3pm – Rehearsal

7pm - Concert

- Upcoming Events -

- Beginner Trombones -

Our year 4 children have been learning the pbone (plastic trombone) since the beginning of the year. They have the responsibility of taking their instruments home to practice and then receive tuition once a week from Mr Cook.

The pbones are currently rehearsing for a family concert on Saturday 30th June.

- Continuers in Clarinets -

Our continuers in clarinet children are all in year 6. This is their second year of learning the clarinet and they are progressing quickly with the guidance of Mr Cook.  They all show great dedication in taking home their clarinet each week, practising and then working hard during their weekly lesson.

- Lessons with Peter Cook -

At Priory Fields, we are lucky to have Peter Cook working with us on a Thursday and Friday. He has worked with every class during the school year. He delivers a range of music lessons, including singing, composition (using instruments), notation and musical terminology.

Here are year 3 creating their own compositions using musical instruments.

- RAiD Music Event -

Year 3 took part in a RAiD schools music event at Priory Fields. Children from four other schools came to join us to sing songs and create music on Friday afternoon.

- Choir Wins KM’s Walk To School Recording Competition -

On Thursday 21st June 28 children from our school choir visited a recording studio in Canterbury. They have recorded their own version of ‘Reach for the Star’ for a competition. They did a fabulous job and thoroughly enjoyed their visit to the studio.

- Beginner Clarinets -

Our year 5 children have been given the opportunity of learning the clarinet. They have been introduced to their instrument and now how to take it apart and rebuild it and are practising on learning the various notes which the clarinet can produce.

Please visit the KM website (link below)  for photos and a video of our choir in the studiomaking their recording!

We were announced as the overall winners!