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1.       Summary Information


Priory Fields School

Academic Year


Total PP Budget

£288 062

Date of Most Recent PP Review

Summer 2016

Total Number of Pupils


Number of Pupils eligible for PP


Date for Next Internal review of this strategy

Autumn 2017

2.       2016  attainment 

Yr 6

All Pupils

Pupils eligible for PP (PF Pupils)

Pupils not eligible for PP (national average)

% achieving in reading, writing and maths (expected+)




% achieving expected (+) in Reading




% achieving expected (+) in Writing




% achieving expected (+) in Maths




Yr 2

% achieving expected (+) in reading




% achieving expected (+) in writing




% achieving expected (+) in Maths







3.       Barriers to future attainment (for pupils eligible for PP, including high ability

In-school barriers 


Vocabulary acquisition for identified pupils including  EAL Pupils


Lack of aspiration of our Higher ability PP pupils


Emotional attitudes to learning – lack of aspiration and lack of resilience to failure

4.       External barriers


Attendance levels for pupils eligible for PP are   94.9% this is below the expected level of 96%


Higher percentage of pupils who are persistent absentees and are  eligible for PP  - 9%  compared to 3.7%   for non PP pupils


Parental Learning support


Home Routines can be a barrier to pupils learning – late nights, disorganised, illness more likely due to poor accommodation and hygiene routines. (Deprivation)

5.       Desired Outcomes


Improved English skills to support learning across the curriculum, raising aspiration in individual pupils and ensuring that effective word choice is being used widely and confidently in a range of contexts. Confident, resilient and purposeful readers and writers leading to pupils reaching at least the expected levels for their age.  2017  targets are met in all year groups.


Higher ability pupils fully engaged and excited by learning, pupils making accelerated learning and discussions about future academic choices being ambitious.


High levels of pastoral support enables all pupils to access learning for 100% of the time maximising learning opportunities and making good progress across all areas of the curriculum. Good outcomes and increased organisational skills across the school in preparation for the next stage of their learning journey.  2017 targets are met in all year groups and the difference is diminished for PP pupils and non-pupil premium pupils nationally.


At least 96% attendance levels across the school increasing steadily to 97% with the same expectations for PP pupils to Non PP pupils.


Reduction in the percentage of pupils who are persistently absent (90%) enabling them to maximise learning time and to make good progress in line with all pupils. 9% of PP pupils compared to 3.7% Non PP Pupils


Homework supports learning and improved parental engagement


Pupils arriving at school on time, ready to learn, organised and eager to learn.

ii Targeted Support 

Desired Outcome


Evidence & Rationale


Staff Lead


Review and Date

Securing best outcomes for all pupils in Yr 6

Provide 3 teachers to support all pupils by providing a secondary approach with a timetable – each teacher will provide whole class support and also intervention

A new project to support learning across Yr 6  to ensure better outcomes for identified and targeted pupils –

Basic Skills and Core work delivered in three groups in the morning

Exec HT/HOS/Yr 6 Lead


Termly at Yr 6 review meetings.

Support for transition for those pupils who find it difficult

Interventions of keep up and catch up in the afternoon.



Monitoring schedule

Improved achievement for Targeted pupils working just below the expected levels. Particularly pupils in receipt of funding.

1-1 or 1 – to small group support outside of usual curriculum time.

1-1 or 1 to small group support has resulted in pupils making accelerated learning in the past resulting in pupils reaching expected standards by the end of the year.

1-1  and 1 to small group learning with both TAs and teachers weekly – ongoing assessments to plot progress and next step learning.



Throughout the 1-1 / 1 to small group sessions.

Revision of concepts that have left gaps to diminish the difference and enabling pupils to access appropriate learning for year group.

Discussions with the children.


Outcomes 2017

Maths and English Academy for more able pupil Premium pupils

After-School provision delivered as a club to enthuse pupils to deepen their understanding and increase aspiration. 

More Able PP pupils often lack the aspiration to see themselves as 

After school provision to provide extended learning opportunities for targeted pupils




Pupil Voice


Pupils with SEMH needs are able to fully access the taught curriculum. 

Implement a Thrive scheme for highlighted children with SEMH needs to enable pupils to access the curriculum building resilience.

Emotionally unsettled behaviour and mental health issues prevent some pupils to fully accessing the curriculum. 

A structured approach to addressing need using the Thrive model.



Identified pupils successfully integrated into class full time. 

Staff fully trained


Plan Cost

£53 062

ii Other Approaches 

Desired Outcome


Evidence & Rationale


Staff Lead


Review and Date

Improved attendance and fewer persistent absentees

School attendance officer (senior Leader)to follow up on all absences and make home calls where necessary.

Focussed and relentless approach to attendance secured improved outcomes last year – this approach needs to remain to ensure that slippage doesn’t occur.

Home visits

SW – Parental support officer (Senior member of staff)


Daily monitoring

EAL PSA to support EAL families supporting good attendance – discouraging in term holidays

Daily monitoring

Census dates

Employ attendance company that completes all paperwork and liaises with the LA

LGB meetings

Provision of Milk

Provide milk across the school to pupils.

Food Standards guidance

Milk provided at lunchtimes and at playtimes for EYFS



Ongoing – July 17


New home learning project to encourage better engagement with pupils learning

Produce a new approach to home learning to engage more fully parents in pupils learning.

A more flexible approach ensures greater engagement thus leading to improved learning and support from parents and families.

Home learning structure to be established and termly home learning planners in place – published on class pages of website.




Provide School uniform and shoes to ensure self-esteem is high.

Identified pupils provided with uniform/shoes as required and in liaison with parents

Support to families that at times are finding life tough.

All pupils with correct uniform which supports their feeling of belonging.



On-going – July 17


Provide extra curricular activities enabling pupils to access external competitions.

High quality and exciting clubs provided enabling pupils at Priory Fields to have access which may otherwise not he accessible to them.

Pupils engagement in extra curricular activities supports learning in the classroom and strengthens relationships. 

Sports coaches supporting quality clubs leading to success in competitions.



On-going – seasonally (end of term 2, 4 and 6)

Provide a comprehensive before and after school club provision 

Good quality sports provision 

TAs providing a comprehensive and diverse range of clubs for children to enjoy and support learning. 


Plan Cost


- Pupil Premium 2016 - 2017 - - Review of Pupil Premium 2015 - 2016 - Funding 2015 -2016 £299 627 (57% of pupils)

Pupil Premium Funding 2015 2016

Impact Review



Impact Review

Higher staffing ratios of teachers and TA’s


2016 KS2 SATs

Class Support(Including lunchtimes and playtimes) – 2 TA’s in each class to provide differentiated teaching opportunities and pastoral support

School disadvantaged pupils made better progress than all children nationally. 

53% made expected levels which matches all children nationally.


2016 KS1 SATs

Disadvantaged children have better attainment (85% reading, 81% writing, 93% maths) than non-disadvantaged nationally in all areas.


Teacher’s to deliver additional support for English and Mathematics on a daily basis to ensure good progress and attainment. 

76% disadvantaged pupils reached GLD which exceeds non-disadvantaged nationally.


1-1 support to close the gap for pupils working below expected levels. 

Increased 5 children accessed reward trip for 2016/17

TA support to provide additional intervention programmes such as BRP, Clever hands, Speech and language programmes and maths interventions. 


Reduction in numbers excluded 0.3%  

Capacity to provide a coaching programme to ensure best practice


100% good teaching and learning with 30% outstanding 2015/15

Management Capacity to secure improved outcomes for pupils

Good transition arrangements for casual admittances supports good outcomes (as above)


Attendance 95.4%

Reduction in numbers excluded 0.3%  

Induction programme that ensures good transition for casual admittances which helps to reduce the impact that moving school has on learning. 


EAL children made accelerated progress in all areas (6.02 reading, 7.1 writing, 3.86 maths) in KS2 SATs 

Interventions – managers to deliver daily lessons to pupils. 

A dedicated attendance team to ensure good attendance.


Extra-Curricular Provision

87% of pupil premium pupils accessed extra sports clubs

After-School Activities clubs giving opportunities to participate in activities which may otherwise be unavailable.


41% of pupil premium pupils access our activity clubs. Improved uptake of clubs to be a focus for next year

Provision of Milk

To ensure pupils have milk allocation as directed by Schools food legislation.


100% pupil premium children receive milk. Healthy food choices promoted

Provision of uniform

To support equality and improve self-esteem on a needs led basis


100% disadvantaged pupils wearing correct uniform which is of good quality. Children are not stigmatised through poor uniform provision

Support wider opportunities and trips

Provide mini-bus – accessing experiences which may otherwise be unavailable. 


100% disadvantaged pupils have accessed one or more outing/trip. These act as stimuli to learning. Children have access to out-of-school learning experiences which would otherwise be unavailable to them 

Subsiding trips to ensure trips are able to take place – everyone able to participate ensuring equality of opportunity.