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Our aims this year are:

- School Council in Action - We worked hard campaigning and were pleased to be elected as this year’s School Council in our special election assembly!


- Meet The School Council -

Hello, I represent Integrity class.  As a School Councillor, I want to help people. I can help when they are lonely and help them if they fall over.  I like sports and I do Multi-Skills.

Hi, I represent Justice Class.  My skill is listening on the carpet and being good at maths.  My hobbies are gymnastics, drawing and art.

Hi, I represent Respect class.  I think I will make a great school councillor because I like helping people.  I enjoy gymnastics, reading, gaming and singing.

Hello, I represent Courtesy class.  My favourite thing about School Council is going to the meetings.  At the moment, I am enjoying my hobby of collecting conkers!

- Welcome to the School Council’s Page -

Hi, I represent Equality and I will bring a lot of feedback from meetings and help people with worries.  I like gymnastics. When I'm out of school I have lots of friends.  This school is amazing! Bye!!

- Our Blog -

Hi, I am the representative for Valour class. I am happy to give up my play time to do jobs.  I like football and I played in the school team.  I once went to Cubs and learned to do the salute!

Hello, I am a School Council representative for Year R Caring Class.  My favourite hobbies are sports, singing and baking.  If you are stuck or worried around the school, I am most happy to help!

Hi, I'm Head Boy at Priory Fields.  I do not represent a class but stand in for and help the other councillors.  I am good at football and was part of the school team.  I am also a sports ambassador for the school, so if you need help with football, you know where to come to!

Hi, I think I will be a good School Councillor because I can help the little children at playtime and lunch as I have a little nephew myself and look after him and help my auntie.  I am very happy to help.

Hello, I represent Harmony class. As I school councillor, I will help children to be better at listening to TAs and teachers.  I will listen and respect everyone and show them everything in our school.  I will help others who are lost and when they don't know where to go, I will show them the way.  I like sports and I like to play football and hockey.

12th October - A group of us visited St Martin's School and met up with their School Council to discuss how we can work together. This was reported back in our meeting.

12th October - We held our second meeting. We fed back from classes and counted the votes for chosen charity, the winner being Ronald McDonald House Charities.  Dining room improvements, attendance, road safety, bird feeding and the Wellbeing project were also discussed. Ideas for Children in Need were put forward and a 'colours and spots' own clothes day was decided upon for 17th November. Community group are also planning a Bingo evening on 21st November.

21st September - It was our first meeting and we discussed the duties and responsibilities of being a School Councillor.  We also discussed our aims, focus groups and goals for the year.  Some ideas were also put forward for our chosen charities.

15th September - We held our School Council Election and the winning candidates were sworn in.

Our next meeting is:

My name is Keely, I am the school councillor for Endeavour class in Year 6.  My hobbies are writing, photography and adventuring.  I wish to help the school to reach new heights in education.

Hello I am School Councillor for Loyalty class in Year 2 and I like playing X-Box and my roles as a school councillor are: to be responsible, to be confident, to be helpful, to be brave , to be helpful and to uphold the school rules.  

Hi, I represent Honesty class.  I like to help and I’m good at maths.  If you need help you can come to me and I’ll try my best!

Hi, I represent Democracy class.  My hobbies are dance, gymnastics and singing.  I love being part of the school council because my job is with the community group and I enjoy that very much, as I like to help people.

Hello, I'm a school councillor and I represent Liberty class.  My hobbies are maths, science and French.  At school I enjoy making things and writing stories.  My hopes as a school councillor are to help the teachers, to sell in the credits shop and to help decide the end of year trips.

Our chosen charity is Ronald McDonald House Charity.  Watch this space for details of of Children in Need fundraiser and our upcoming community bingo afternoon.


Hi I’m school councillor for Tolerance class and I like being a school councillor because I like doing jobs and being helpful around the school.  My hobbies are football, basketball and tennis. Bye!