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Our aims this year are:

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12/06/19 - Well done to Endeavour class, who achieved the highest attendance, and had their reward today!

29/03/19 - We held our  7th meeting of the year and were visited by Harmonia, who asked us to help them design a logo.

27/03/19 - We spoke to classes and took our classes' opinions about school trips to Mrs Wheeler & Mrs Goldfinch. In our next meeting we will make a decision on trips.  

08/03/19 - We held our Anti-bullying march.

26/02/19 - We began our bird feeding rota.

12/02/19 - We held our 6th meeting of the year.

18/01/19 - We held our second Academy School Council Meeting, at Vale View.

11/01/19 - Junior Road Safety Officers went out on patrol.

10/01/19 - We held our 5th meeting of the year.

17/12/18 - We arranged for the school choir to visit care homes to spread a little Christmas cheer to the local community.

7/12/18 - We held our first Academy School Council meeting.  It was at Priory Fields and we had 2 St. Martin's pupils and 2 Vale View pupils along with us 2 from Priory Fields.  We talked about our aims and we would like to build stronger links with the other schools.  We want to put on at least 3 events as an Academy, support each other and hold some competitions.  We decided on the date for our next meeting, which will be at Vale View.

5/12/18- We held our 4th meeting of the year.  We discussed the success our our bingo event, which raised £230!  We also talked out links to schools across the world, which we are setting up and an after Christmas slimming club for families.

22/11/18 - We held our Community Bingo event.  It was great to see so many people, thank you for coming and helping us to raise money for our charities!

16/11/18 - We got to school early to collect everyone’s donations for Children in Need Spotty Day.

15/11/18 - We held our third meeting and discussed Children in Need and Christmas Carols for the elderly in our local community.

1/11/18 - We held our second meeting of the year and discussed our chosen charities for the year.

19/10/18 - Liberty class had their movie afternoon for winning our Attendance Challenge for Term 1!

27/9/18 - We held our first meeting and decided our aims for the year and chose our focus groups.

21/9/18 - We held our School Council Election Assembly.  Elected candidates took the School Council pledge.

- Our Aims -

- The Pledge -

I promise to do my best, I am proud that I have been elected as a school councillor I will take my role seriously and am committed to the school and the school council. I will always uphold the school values and encourage others to do so. I will be a positive role model for the school and will wear my jumper with pride.

Hi, I am a school council representative for Caring.  In my spare time I like to talk or see my family and play with my friends.  As part of the school council I would like to help around the school.

- The School Council In Action -

Election Day - Here we are on election day, just after taking our pledges.  Thank you for voting for us. We are looking forward to doing our bit to improving the school!

A report from the Attendance Team: "This term attendance was all about a movie day with pyjamas and popcorn.  Mr Godfrey made a Powerpoint which we updated in assembly by moving the popcorn kernels to the right class to show who was the winner.  Next term attendance will be pizza and the class who has the most attendance will get to make and eat the pizza!"  

A BIG well done to Liberty class, who had the highest attendance for Term 1 we hope you enjoyed your movie afternoon!

Hello, I'm Head Girl at Priory Fields.  I would love to improve the school in any way possible and listen to amazing ideas. My hobbies are swimming, Judo and arts and crafts.

- Meet the School Council -

Hi, I'm Head Boy of Priory Fields.  I will be helping the school councillors do their jobs.  My hobbies are football, basketball, hockey and tennis.  I like to compete in a lot of competitions.

Hi, I am representing Democracy for School Council.  I like football and going on my Playstation.  I enjoy doing jobs and maths.  I'm looking forward to being in the Road Safety and Time To Talk groups.

Hi, I'm glad to be school councillor for Honesty class.  My hobbies are: walking across the cliffs, hiking and playing with my Nintendo Switch.  I would like to make the school a better place by: having a fun disco, providing school rucksacks, books and a new level of reading.

Hi, I am School Councillor for Liberty class. I like to sing and I'd love to be a popstar!  I'm also really good at dancing and go to gymnastics.  I have a dog called Been and a hamster called Batman!

Hi, I represent Courtesy class.  I'm glad I was elected as a school councillor.  At the first meeting I decided to join the Time To Talk team.  I'm happy to help!

Hello, I represent Harmony class. I am so happy I was picked for school council.  I like trying our new hairstyles, playing games on my laptop, making jokes and playing outside with my friends.  

I represent Respect class. I’m in academy and environment groups.  I have to go to the academy council meetings and help make choices about the academy, in environment group I will help to feed the birds. I am going to help out around the school and in year 6 I hope to become an advocate or head boy.

Hi, I am school councillor for Sharing Class.  I'm happy to be a school councillor as I like to look after the little children.

Spotty Day for Children in Need on Friday 16th November. For £1 children can wear their own clothes– including something spotty and there will be a spot-acular fashion show in the afternoon!

Priory Fields’ School Council have been working hard on their aims for the year.

They have decided that the school’s chosen charities this year will be Age UK and Dover Winter Night Shelter.

A flyer went home earlier in the week about a

Bingo night on Thursday 22nd November

to raise money for these charities—all friends and family are invited!

There will be great prizes, everyone is welcome!

Carols in the Community

Two reports from our community group:

Today we rang an elderly home called Willow Park Lodge [in Dover] and we arranged a time for the choir to go to them and sing.  It was 12th of December at 2:00pm and they said they would love that. They also said they would love to teach us to do some sewing, knitting and art because they said they love to do those themselves.

We phoned Larenton House, Willow Park Lodge and St Stephens.  We arranged it together over the phone for us to take or school choir down to the elderly homes with Mrs Carruthers and Mrs Wheeler at different times.  With Willow Park Lodge we also decided to take some pupils to the elderly to do some crochet with them.  We also decided to take our music group down to play at some point.


Our community Bingo evening was a great success!  It was fantastic to see so many people attend. Thank you for coming to this event and helping us to support our charities.  Also, thank you to Priory Panthers club for assisting at the event.

Here are some of the posters we made with Mr Godfrey for the event:  


Spotty Day!

Thank you for helping us to support Children in Need.  We raised over £300 on our Spotty Clothes Day!


As a school council, we decided we wanted to spread a little Christmas cheer into the local community.  We thought that it would be a good idea to give our school choir the opportunity to visit some local care homes.  Here is a report from our community group:

 'The Choir in the Community was fun, we visited elderly and care homes and sang Christmas carols.  At the end, the grans and grandads gave us chocolate and biscuits to say thank you. Yum! We all enjoyed it!"


18/01/19 - We held our second Academy School Council Meeting, at Vale View. We spoke about 100% day, Snowy will be visiting all 3 schools in April and all classes are to design an academy logo, we will be choosing the best one at the next academy meeting for us to use when we write to people! Each school has 4 councillors.

07/12/18 - We held our first Academy School Council meeting.  It was at Priory Fields and we had 2 St. Martin's pupils and 2 Vale View pupils along with us 2 from Priory Fields.  We talked about our aims and we would like to build stronger links with the other schools.  We want to put on at least 3 events as an Academy, support each other and hold some competitions.  We decided on the date for our next meeting, which will be at Vale View.


Two reports from our road safety officers, 11/01/19:

This morning we stood in front of the school to make sure nobody parked on the yellow zig-zag lines.  Then we helped adults get into school.

We have been doing road safety.  Today we stood outside watching to see if anybody parked on the zig-zag lines.

I am school councillor for Endeavour Class.  My hobbies include playing games with my family.


We are proud to announce that we are in the process of building links to other schools around the world. Year 6 are currently conversing with a school in Pennsylvania. We also have plans for our year R to begin writing to a school in Australia too as soon as their school year begins (end of Jan.) It is actually Jenny Mulraney who used to work here at Priory Fields!

Click here to view the letter sent from the school in Pennsylvania!


We helped Mr Godfrey make a flyer for 100% day, which will be going on next term.  We persuaded people to come to school and get a photo with our mascot, Snowy. We put a picture of a camera on our flyer, here’s a preview!

The day was a great success and we had the highest attendance of all three academy schools!


We are very Eco-aware at Priory Fields and are keen to attract wildlife to our school grounds.  The School Council have worked with our site team to position some bird feeders at the edge of the school field.  The School Council will be feeding the birds regularly and we look forward to attracting a variety of species!

Our chosen charities this year are: Age UK and Dover Winter Night Shelter.


Some children from classes in Year 4 and up were chosen to participate in an Anti-Bullying march,  Last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday we practised songs, chants and music tunes for the march.  On Friday 8th of March we walked down to Vale View and they joined us with their flags.  Then, we all walked down to St Martin's and they joined us.  We walked back to our school and made a video in the hall.

On Friday, we marched down the hill to meet Vale View and we met St. Martin's outside the MOT garage.  We played music on the way and had so much fun.  We made a chant, Vale View made tabbards and St Martin's made flags to tell everyone that we won't accept bullying. We want to more events like this!

We recently took part in an Anti-Bullying march with children from Vale View & St. Martin's.  Here are two reports from our school councillors who took part:

Attendance Reward

Here are two reports on the attendance reward, which this term was an exciting science afternoon and was achieved by Endeavour class:

Yesterday was really fun!  Each of us got to do amazing things, we made butter slime and galaxy slime.  We got to change milk into different colours and even did an experiment with a volcano!  We put vinegar and baking soda to erupt the volcano, it looked really cool!  We all had a great day!

Yesterday we made slime and other things like butter slime, galaxy slime, a volcano and colour changing milk.  We had so much fun.