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Our aims this year are:

- Welcome to the School Council’s Page -

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27/9/18 - We held our first meeting and decided our aims for the year and chose our focus groups.

21/9/18 - We held our School Council Election Assembly.  Elected candidates took the School Council pledge.

- Our Aims -

- The Pledge -

I promise to do my best, I am proud that I have been elected as a school councillor I will take my role seriously and am committed to the school and the school council. I will always uphold the school values and encourage others to do so. I will be a positive role model for the school and will wear my jumper with pride.

Hello, I'm Head Girl at Priory Fields.  I would love to improve the school in any way possible and listen to amazing ideas. My hobbies are swimming, Judo and arts and crafts.

- Meet the School Council -

Hi, I'm Head Boy of Priory Fields.  I will be helping the school councillors do their jobs.  My hobbies are football, basketball, hockey and tennis.  I like to compete in a lot of competitions.

Hi, I am representing Democracy for School Council.  I like football and going on my Playstation.  I enjoy doing jobs and maths.  I'm looking forward to being in the Road Safety and Time To Talk groups.

Hi, I'm glad to be school councillor for Honesty class.  My hobbies are: walking across the cliffs, hiking and playing with my Nintendo Switch.  I would like to make the school a better place by: having a fun disco, providing school rucksacks, books and a new level of reading.

Hi, I am a school council representative for Year R.  In my spare time I like to talk or see my family and play with my friends.  As part of the school council I would like to help around the school.

Hi, I am School Councillor for Liberty class. I like to sing and I'd love to be a popstar!  I'm also really good at dancing and go to gymnastics.  I have a dog called Been and a hamster called Batman!

Hi, I represent Courtesy class.  I'm glad I was elected as a school councillor.  At the first meeting I decided to join the Time To Talk team.  I'm happy to help!

Hello, I represent Harmony class. I am so happy I was picked for school council.  I like trying our new hairstyles, playing games on my laptop, making jokes and playing outside with my friends.  

I represent Respect class. I’m in academy and environment groups.  I have to go to the academy council meetings and help make choices about the academy, in environment group I will help to feed the birds. I am going to help out around the school and in year 6 I hope to become an advocate or head boy.