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Year 2 Trip to Turner Contemporary & Turner Inspired Painting - November 2021

Some quotes from the children:

I like how some of the art made me happy and some made me sad.


I don’t like this one it’s a bit scary looking but art is making things that look nice for you. It doesn’t really matter if I don’t like it does it? As long as other people might like it.

Everywhere I can see there’s just loads of stuff to look at that’s amazing.

Year 2 have been practising using watercolours. We have been blending, practising different techniques and how to gradient colour. This week we went on a trip to the Turner Contemporary in Margate. We had a fabulous time looking at the same Thanet skyline that Joseph Turner, the artist we have been learning about, loved so much. We all felt very inspired and after a quick photo opportunity with Happy Hippo outside the Gallery we went in and started to have a look around the gallery. We saw oil painting, watercolour, statues, pencil sketches, crayon work, photographs, modelling, sand art, junk modelling, musical artwork and so many other things it was incredible and everybody was able to find something that they loved. We talked about how the artwork made us feel, and what we thought the story was about behind the artwork.

Photos of Y2 at Turner Contemporary

Some of us managed to sit on the steps of the Turner in the same spot as Joseph Turner would have sat and sketch the beautiful landscape using pencil. This helped us when we returned to school, inspired by all the amazing artwork we had seen and with the aspiration of producing our own “Thanet Skyline”. We worked really hard all morning to showcase our best efforts and concentrated on the light and dark areas, the colours we could see and how they blended and changed. I think you’ll agree after looking at our work that we could open our own gallery and people would flood to see the famous artists from Loyalty!

Photos of children painitng

Further quotes from the children:

I didn’t know that art could be all kinds of things I just thought it was pictures and stuff.

Art can be anything then really can’t it?

There’s a statue in the SEA! I can see it! Is that art? I think it’s part of the museum! Oh wow! Look it looks like it’s moving because of the waves. That’s so clever! Who is it a statue of? Maybe like God? Or a sea God? Or like a pirate? Wow its really cool.

I think I might be an artist when I grow up and have my own gallery just like this one.