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Priory Fields School

Priory FieldsSchool

Term 1

Our targets this term are:

Maths: I can recall my 2x, 5x and 10x tables and division facts.

Reading: I can discuss and respond to a text I am reading.

Writing: I can learn and use my weekly spellings.

Integrity Class trip to The Warren in Folkestone (6th Sept 2019):

We carefully made our way over the slippery rocks. At least the weather was good!

There were so many fossils for us to find! We looked for patterns in the rocks.

We searched through stinky sea-weed looking for more treasures!

We really enjoyed our trip to The Warren, we found so many amazing fossils which we took home to show our families.

Harvest Festival at The Ark


We wrote poems about Autumn to perform and show at the Harvest Festival.

We used Autumn colours to decorate our leaves.

The children read at the Harvest Festival at the Ark. They did brilliantly and the whole classes leaves looked fabulous!

Here are some of our poems:

The things I love about Autumn.

Sleeping in my bed and getting cosy.

You can see a lot of bugs.

There are some leaves,

But they are no longer green.

They are now orange, brown, and yellow.

They are crunchy, dry and crisp.


It is Autumn.

It is Autumn, it is windy, and I love it.

The leaves are turning brown and the conkers are nearly ready!

Time to get cosy in my onesie and in my bed.

The animals get ready for their big sleep.

And spiders are coming in the houses and into the cupboards.

It’s windy and cold, and the thunderstorms have come already.



Autumn is the time that we see rain.

The swirling wind and the darker nights.

We step on the crunchy leaves and smell yummy fresh soup!

In Autumn the animals are storing their food,

Ants are in their cave home deep underground.,

And birds sleeping in their tree homes!


Autumn is here.

Autumn is darker and colder at night.

It’s scary at Halloween,

Leaves change colour.

The clocks change,

And the wind gets stronger.

We have pumpkins for Halloween

and spiders come inside.

Integrity Maths

This term we have really enjoyed using lots of different maths resources to help us with our learning!


Using Base 10 to represent different numbers & using the ‘BIG’ Base 10 to represent different numbers.