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Priory Fields School

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Term 1

Our targets this term are:

Maths: I can recall my 2x, 5x and 10x tables and division facts.

Reading: I can discuss and respond to a text I am reading.

Writing: I can learn and use my weekly spellings.

Integrity class have continued to have lots of fun together this term. We are realising that friends can be helpful in many situations, both inside and outside of the classroom. We are so glad to have them!


Our key text Stone Girl, Bone Girl has allowed us to gain a real insight into the life of a famous person. Through actions, mind maps, storyboards, character analysis and fact files, we have been able to show understanding of the story as well as the main characters. It was a surprise to some of us to discover that Mary Anning really existed!

Photo - children's work on Mary Anning


Continuing with our Shape and Space theme, we have been exploring different types of lines. Examples of right angles have been found everywhere – even within lunch box contents! Our favourite exercise at the moment is to use our arms to demonstrate all the types of lines. We have become faster and faster at showing the lines as they are called out. We even managed to move in the shape of the lines during PE. and use cubes to show them.

Photo - cube shapes


Mr Cotter has been encouraging us whilst we have been demonstrating different athletics skills, throwing javelin and shot balls as well as triple and standing jumps. Our favourite lesson was this week when we were able to use the parachute to play Sharks and Lifeguards.

Photo - PE parachute


Over the past couple of weeks we have all discovered so much about soil. It was fun watching the centipedes and baby worms wriggle across the desks as we explored soil with our rubber gloves on!

Photo - children experimenting with soil

Did you know that if you sprinkle soil on water, some of the particles settle at the bottom and some at the top? We had some interesting discussions as to why this might be.

Photo - children experimenting with soil    Photo - children experimenting with soil    Photo - children experimenting with soil


Integrity class have been carrying out many activities whilst settling in to a new class. The children are working hard to become responsible and respectful Year 3’s.

We all decided on some simple rules to help us each day, at the same time acknowledging the positive characteristics of each member of the class. There are so many helpful and kind children in Integrity.

Photo - rules of Integrity class

Trip to the Warren

Our first adventure together was spent at the Warren in Folkestone. Looking at Extreme Environments and the story of Mary Anning, we were on the hunt for fossils. We took Mr Godfrey with us as he is known to be the ‘Amazing Fossil Finder’! Lunch was enjoyed whilst sitting on the beach, along with some crab and shell spotting. A great time was had by all.

Photo - children fossil hunting at Folkestone Warren

Making Fossils with salt dough

Back in the classroom, we had fun mixing flour, salt and water to make a dough from which we could make our own fossils. Some of us got messier than others, but all realised it was an activity that needed organisation and care. Shells, toy dinosaurs and scrapers were used to make the imprints. After baking them, the final stage was the painting.

Photo - children making fossils with salt dough

Exploring rocks

After finding out about earthquakes and the tectonic plates, we wanted to explore the rocks responsible for so many happenings on the Earth. Magnifying glasses helped us find the details needed for sorting and describing.

Photo - children examining rocks


Each day, we are taking time to work on our times tables facts. We use cards for matching as well as applying the facts for problem solving.    

Photo - children learning times tables


We know the importance of reading every day. Sometimes we read alone, sometimes with an adult and sometimes with our reading buddy. There are so many great stories to read!

Photo - children reading