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Priory Fields School

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Term 1

Romans Trip

To celebrate the end of our topic on the Rotten Romans, we took part in a Roman experience at Deal Beach. We met up with George, a Roman Centurion and he gave us lots of information about the Roman invasions of Britain by Julius Caesar. We walked to the end of the pier and then back towards the beach. Once we were on the beach we changed into Roman costumes and were given a Roman sword and shield. We rehearsed the Turtle Formation (to protect us from arrow attacks) and practised our war cry to scare the enemy away!

Photos of children reenacting Roman invasion on Deal beach

Digestive System

After learning about the importance of our Digestive System and how it works, we grew around ourselves and built our own 3d Digestive Systems, showing the journey of our food after we have eaten it.

Photos of children's digestive system work


We made bookmarks to remind ourselves of the SMART targets and how we can stay safe when we are online.

Photos of children's bookmarks

Roman Soldiers

We have reading about the journeys of Roman Soldiers across Britain. Some of us dressed up as Roman Soldiers and re-enacted these journeys across our school fields. We also identified different Roman Roads across the country and we then used stones, pebbles and sand to build the sturdiest Roman roads that we could.

Photos of children dressed as Roman soldiers

Photos of children making Roman roads

Roman Numerals

In our maths lessons we have been learning about Roman Numerals and practising recording numbers as the Romans would have done.

Photos of Roman Numerals Work

Roman Jewellery

We looked carefully at different examples of Roman jewellery, we then designed our own Roman jewellery and created our jewellery. We hope you like them!

Photos of children making Roman Jewellery


We have been rehearsing our place value knowledge in maths. We have been creating, reading and ordering numbers which are 4 digits long. We used Singapore Counters to create 4 digit numbers whilst adding and subtracting 10, 100 and 1000. We have also played matching games using a variety of number representations.

Photos of maths work

The spread of the Roman Empire

We have been focusing on the spread of the Roman Empire, from 237 BC to 113 AD. We worked in pairs, using maps of Europe to record down the changes in the Roman Empire. We noticed that as the Roman Empire grew, the Celt warriors lost most of their land. The Empire continued to grow until 113AD.

Photos of Roman maps work

Photos of Roman maps work


We have been using chime bars to learn about unison. We have listened to the eight notes of an octave and have also learnt Do, Ra, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti, Do. We have also practised the actions.

Photos of children making music

Rotten Romans

Our topic for term 1 is Rotten Romans, as part of our topic, we have explored the differences between Romans and Celts and then tried to answer the question – ‘Why did the Romans invade Britain.’

We have also used our ordering numbers skills to complete a timeline of events – have a look at our video to see our completed timeline.

Photos of Romans work

Photos of Romans work


We have been practising our place value skills and times tables using Numicon and number lines to help us.

Photos of maths  work