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Priory Fields School

Priory FieldsSchool

Term 1

The Moon

This week we have been looking at the phases of the Moon. We created the phases using cream biscuits.
This enabled us to visualise the different stages. We could then identify which phase we were currently in by looking at the moon that evening.

Photo of moon work
Topic Maths

In Topic Maths we have been exploring angles. We noticed as a class that we are surrounded by angles. We were able to identify different angles and create angles using our body. 
Photos of children showing angles

Betteshanger Park

Respect class had a fantastic day at Betteshanger Country Park. We learned that working collaboratively helped us complete tasks quickly and efficiently. We also had to be brave when mountain biking, especially when we had to bike through 'Big Bertha'!. 

Photo of muddy boy

Solar System

This term Respect are diving into out of space and exploring the planets within our Solar System. 
So far this term we have investigated what humans may need if we were to inhabit another planet.
We have learned the order of the planets in our Solar System and created in-depth fact files on the planets.

Photo of children recreating solar system on field

3D Shapes

This term in Maths we are focusing on 3D shape. We have been introduced to new mathematical language and have been able to apply this to our knowledge of 3D shapes. 

Photos of 3D shapes work