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Priory Fields School

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Term 1

Our targets this term are:

Reading: I can identify and discuss themes in and across texts. 

Writing: I edit my writing checking that my punctuation, grammar and spellings are correct.

Maths: I can explain my mathematical reasoning.

Solar System Tables

From number of moons to planet diameters, orbits and rotations to planet surface temperatures… we applied our maths skills to compare and order facts about the solar system and then drew fabulous tables to present the data in a clear and organised way.



In topic work this week…

We chose a planet to research, took notes, chose images and then using our English skills produced a piece of accurate, fact-filled and beautifully presented non-fiction work.


Moon Work

We used books, websites and internet searches to find out as much as we could about our nearest neighbour…the Moon.

We then chose our own method of recording and presenting our information.

As you can see, we did an A M A Z I N G job!



We've been working with the school's music teacher Mr Cook to make a fantastic space rap! You can listen below:




Roll-up, roll-up one and all!

A huge welcome back to school to all the wonderful learners who were once in Justice Class.

 (Bad luck for you – I’m back as well!)

Mrs Bird and I are delighted that we can restart our learning adventure with you all once again...

The topics for this year look amazing!

 We are going to explore worlds old, new and yet undiscovered!

From Spies to Space, and the Greeks to our very own Dover Castle, it will be a year full of new learning, new experiences and plenty of fun along the way too.

To start the year…


 “… one small step for man, but one giant leap for mankind”

We flexed our space-art muscles by examining a range of different fonts and then using them to design an incredible piece of art - mixing images, mediums and text - all working together in perfect unison…

Don’t believe us?

See below…