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Priory Fields School

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Term 1

Our targets this term are:

Writing: I learn my weekly spellings and use them correctly in my own writing.

Maths: I know the 3 and 6 times table and their related division facts.

Reading: I refer to the text when answering RIC comprehension questions.

Aliens & Astronauts

Respect class have had a wonderful first week back at school! We have done so much! First we created a stop motion Lego movie all about aliens and their home planet – we really enjoyed filming! Next we had loads of fun creating a capsule to send into space all about us; our hobbies, instructions on how to be humans and even a self-portrait! We had an excellent time on our aliens or astronauts fancy dress day, we looked amazing! We started to look at our English book (The Green Book) and worked as a group to make some predictions. We can’t wait to read the whole book this term!

Our first cosy reading was a success too! Our star reader this week is really enjoying Stories for Boys Who Dare to be Different.



Alien Maps

Respect class has had so much fun in term one! We created amazing alien planet maps that linked with our topic and helped us with our coordinate skills!


Values Animals

We received our new school values this term and created a wonderful display where we wrote all our ideas about how to be respectful, happy, aspirational, adventurous and open minded. This term we have been particularly focusing on trying to be a respectful rabbit!

Mae. C Jemison

We linked black history week to our topic and learnt all about Mae C. Jemison who was the first African American woman who went into space in 1956.


We completed an excellent experiment (which we used to inspire amazing instructions in English) where we measured string to help us draw an example of each planets orbit. We worked super hard in groups to make this experiment as fab as we could.


We completed another science experiment, proving that the earth was a sphere! At the end of our earth and beyond topic we used all of our knowledge and our beautiful art skills to create this showing off piece in our books.


Memory Game

We had learnt all about homophones before our final week but to make sure we would remember our homophones we created a homophone memory game. Excellent.