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Priory Fields School

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Term 1


As part of our English lessons, Tolerance class have used drama to explore different characters’ emotions in our text ‘Alien Landing’. We had to use our whole body and facial expressions to allow the audience to understand how we are feeling. This week, we will use our drama to help us write our own Alien Landing story!

‘I enjoyed the freeze frames because it felt like we were really acting it out’.

‘I enjoyed drama because I got to act and I love doing drama’.

‘I liked stopping in the freeze frames because it was fun to pose’.

‘I liked it because it made me feel that I really was those characters’.

‘I liked our freeze frames because we had to keep the actions for ten seconds’.

Photos of children doing drama work

Phases of the Moon

As part of our creative curriculum, The Earth and Beyond, Tolerance class have become scientists and researched the phases of the moon. We used a torch to model how we can see different parts of the moon during the lunar phases, and that the moon doesn’t have its own light source. We also learnt what the terms ‘waxing’ and ‘waning’ means. We demonstrated our understanding of the phases of the moon by using Oreos. Take a look at some of our work!

Photos of moon work


As part of our topic maths, Tolerance class have been exploring angles. We went on an angle walk around school to see which everyday items contained a right angle. We then sorted the rest of the objects into greater than a right angle and less than a right angle. In class, we explored the different types of angles and their properties. We can’t wait to begin to measure angles!

Photos of angles work

Topic Maths

We have had a great start to our new school year! In topic maths, we have been enjoyed investigating 3D shapes and are hopeful to present our own £D shapes once we have learnt how to make them!

Photos of children's 3D shapes work

Class Reader

In our class reader, The Green Book, Pattie and her family had to leave our dying Earth in a spaceship on a journey that lasted four years! Our diary entries detail how that journey went and what they felt when they eventually landed on a new planet. We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed writing them.

Photos of  children's English work

Space Topic

Tolerance Class have really enjoyed the start to our new space topic, with secret classified folders, pottery landscapes of different planets. We also learnt about the timeline of significant events in space. It has been really fun and we are really looking forward to learning much more.

Photos of space topic work

Photos of space topic work


We all love Maths and we haven’t forgotten our place value work from last year. We are all set to go.

Photos of children's work in books