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Term 1

The Heart

In Year 6, we dissected lamb hearts to learn more about how the heart functions. Here are some of our 'wow' moments:

I could see a lot of veins and arteries going through the heart. I also saw the aorta!

I was surprised to learn that the lamb hearts look the same as human hearts, but smaller.

I could see the sinews that connected parts of the heart. They were very tough!

I was surprised that there wasn't much space in the chambers of the heart!

I was surprised by the amount of veins around the heart.

I didn't realise how much fat the heart had on it.

Photos of children disecting hearts

Photos of heart disection

The Digestive System

Year 6 enjoyed pooing in an afternoon Science lesson whilst learning all about the human digestive system!


When we eat and drink, the food enters our stomach after travelling down the oesophagus where it gets broken down by stomach acids.

Photos of children's stomach experiment


After the stomach, the food enters the small intestine where nutrients are absorbed. These nutrients are then transported by the blood to where they are needed. The food then enters the large intestine where the remainder of the water is absorbed.

Photos of children's 'intestines' experiment


After the body has absorbed all the nutrients and water, the waste material (poo) is then passed out of the body.

Photos of 'excretion' experiment

Making Blood!

In term 1, we have started learning about the circulatory system. 
We made blood and used different ingredients to represent the different parts of blood.

  • Red blood cells: dried cranberries.
  • White blood cells: mints.
  • Plasma: yellow food dye and water.
  • Platelets: Cheerios.

We learned that the red blood cells carry oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body and the oxygen gives the blood its red colour.
White blood cells are part of our immune system and produce antibodies that fight off infections.
The plasma carries the antibodies throughout the body, ready to help us if we become ill.
The platelets help blood to clot if we are injured, allowing us to heal.

Photos of children's blood experiment