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Priory Fields School

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Term 1

Kent School Games Football Tournament

On Thursday 21st October 2021, nine pupils from year 6 and one pupil from year 5 represented Priory Fields at the Kent School Games Football tournament. The pupils were fantastic and demonstrated all of our school values. The pupils participated in seven football games with a fantastic result of 3 wins, 2 equal finishes and 2 games lost. The pupils demonstrated excellent sportsmanship throughout the afternoon and showed fantastic football skills throughout. Miss Critcher and Mr Cotter are really proud of all the pupils who attended the Kent School Games Football tournament. We are now looking forward to our Whinless Down Academy Football tournament which is planned for Term 2.

Thank you to all of the pupils who were involved in the tournament, the afternoon was certainly a great success for our school!

A few comments from our Football Captain, Goalkeeper and Star Footballer-

 Good passing from the team, we played well together and we kept speaking to each other in the game.

 I enjoyed saving goals and every aspect of the game really. I didn’t mind if we lost or won. I showed great diving, passing and jumping. 

 I enjoyed playing football with the year 6’s. I showed my football skills well by doing a great touch which I could control and pass on to set up a goal.

Photo of school football team

Betteshanger Country Park

Respect and Tolerance Orienteering Trip 2021

Respect class and Tolerance class had the opportunity of visiting Betteshanger park to take part in their Orienteering trip which consisted of Archery, Mountain Biking and Geocaching.  The Betteshanger park trip was part of the year 5's Orienteering learning, the trip focused on navigational skills and team building. 

Mountain Biking- The Year 5's enjoyed the challenges on the blue trail at Betteshanger Park. The Year 5's were faced with the challenge of cycling up steep hills, turning sharp corners and cycling through the very bumpy pathways. The Year 5's demonstrated great resilience during the Mountain Biking! 

Pupil feedback-

Cycling was fun because we got to cycle through the woods although some of the hills. At the end of the cycling we had a race in our groups and I enjoyed this.

I enjoyed the trip because it was the first time I used a mountain bike, it was great fun.

Archery- The Year 5's were set the challenge of hitting the targets successfully. The targets were challenging but all of the Year 5's demonstrated great resilience throughout the tasks on the Archery.
Pupil feedback from Archery- 

This was some of our first tries at archery so we got to learn something new. We got to fire an arrow at a toy unicorn!

Geocaching- The Year 5's were faced with the challenge of using Geocaching GPS devices to find different clues to help solve the puzzles. Geocaching challenged the Year 5's map skills and helped the Year 5's find specific locations.
Pupil feedback from Geocaching- 

I learnt how to use to compass as part of the geocaching activity. We had to go around Betteshanger and find the hidden emojis which gave us clues to guess the movie. I enjoyed the geocaching as we got to use the devices. It was quite tricky as the emojis were hidden and it was raining. We had to be collaborative cats and adventurous aardvark to solve the puzzle.

Thank you to all of Respect class and Tolerance class for demonstrating all of our school values on our Betteshanger Country Park Trip 2021! 
We hope you all had a fantastic day.🙂