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Priory Fields School

Priory FieldsSchool

Term 1


In Maths we have been looking at the size of numbers. Using Numicon, we partitioned numbers into different amounts of 10s and 1s.

Photos of children's maths work

Telling the Time

We have been learning to tell the time. Using clocks we were able to make and show times to o’clock and half past by moving the minute and hour hands.

Photos of children's telling the time work

Autumn Walk

We went on a lovely Autumnal walk around the school buildings. We used our senses to see what exciting vocabulary we could come up with. We thought of words such as ‘crisp’, ‘fresh’, ‘chilly’, ‘spicy’ and ‘delicious’.

Photos of children's autumn walk

Healthy Topic

In Topic we are thinking about how to keep ourselves healthy. We drew around our hands to show what we think germs look like. We soon realised that germs are invisible and are all over. Using paint, we then practised washing our hands using soap and warm water.

Photos of children's healthy hands work

We were given a set of teeth covered in dirt and were told that this person is struggling to brush their teeth. We used water to help clean the sets of teeth.

Photos of children's teeth cleaning


We have been showing off our fabulous maths learning. Using Numicon we have been able to partition 2 digit numbers in a range of ways.

Photos of maths work