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Term 1

Tectonic Plates

In Courtesy Class during our Topic lesson on Tectonic plates, the children learned about the different boundaries between  the plates.  They learned that the crust is made up of tectonic plates and that these move because of heat and pressure from the Earth’s core.  Below are pictures from the Courtesy geologists exploration of the different types of boundaries.

Photos of tectonic plates works

'When two boundaries converge, they can form a mountain'.

Here is an example of divergent boundaries.  ‘While diverging, two tectonic plates might create volcanoes or earthquakes'.

Here is an example of a transform boundary.  ‘They will make earthquakes because they are rubbing together'.

Home Learning

Some fantastic Home Learning has been arriving in the classroom!  The volcanoes link with our Topic Learning – Extreme Environments. 

The children are definitely showing their imagination and creativity!  What Aspirational Ants!

Photos of volcano home learning

Warren Trip

To enrich their Topic and English learning about fossils and rocks, Courtesy Class visited The Warren in Folkestone. 

There they used their knowledge of how fossils and rocks are formed to help them find fossils and identify sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rocks. 

Below are photos of their discoveries on the day.

Photos of children fossil hunting


Courtesy Class were busy learning how fossils are formed in preparation for their fossil hunting trip.

We used pasta, play-dough and sand to help us understand the process. 

Below are some of the photos and comments from the children.

Photos of fossils experiment