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Priory Fields School

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Term 2

Our targets this term are:

Maths:  I am beginning to recall my 3x tables.

Reading: I can answer comprehension questions about the text I am reading.

Writing: I can learn and use 10 new spellings accurately.

Saxon Place Names

We have begun looking at what the Anglo Saxons did for us whilst they were here in Britain and what they left behind. This week we have seen the different endings used by the Anglo Saxons for place names. We scoured maps to see how many we could find; names like Oxford, Canterbury, Southampton.

Photo: children researching Saxon place names

Advent Calendar Carol Rehearsing

As we will not be able to take part in School Nativity plays or concerts this year, we have been rehearsing a carol every day ready to be filmed for the website. It was tricky to ‘say’ the carol instead of singing it whilst we were rehearsing! We did a great job and recording by Mr Cooke took place on Friday. We wrapped up warm and took the role of Carol Singers.

Photo: children rehearsing carol singing


In English, we have been exploring the story ‘The Sword in the Stone’. We learnt a new term ‘fronted
adverbials’ and managed to find ten examples in the first couple of pages. We used these as prompts
to help us retell the story; in the days of old, two years later etc.
Photo: storybook pictures
Following the retell, it was exciting developing our own story. We were the baby who was given away
and who grew up finding something special that would give us power and make us a hero.
We ‘mind mapped’ our ideas and then made stick puppets that will help us to develop our ideas.
Photo: stick puppets made by the children

Saxons Topic

The children returned from a week’s holiday to find that they were being asked to evacuate! Without warning or explanation, they were taken outside to wait around. What were they there for? What was happening? How did they feel? These were all questions we discussed once back inside.

Photo: Saxon scrolls display   Photo: words on whiteboard Photo: class outside

Letters were written on scrolls to tell someone close to them all about their experience. Angles, Saxons and Jutes leaving their individual countries to come to Britain were then compared to their experiences.
But how would they have travelled? A brainstorming of ideas led to various modes of transport being suggested. One by one, through discussion, they were eliminated; surely, they were not invented! 

Newspaper reporters then interviewed witnesses and gave    their reports live to a class audience. What had they seen? Who was heading where? What did it all mean?

Photo: children pretending to be reporters


In Maths number bonds to 10 have been learned and then applied to larger numbers. Its amazing how easy the bigger numbers are once you know the facts for the smaller numbers!

Photo: child learning maths with counters/cubes

It is really important for travel and navigation that you know about turns and direction. Right angles and ‘clockwise’ and ‘anticlockwise’ can be so much more interesting with a little imagination!    

Photo: children demonstrating angles   Photo: children demonstrating angles

‘’So if you start facing 12 o’clock and then turn one right angle anticlockwise, where will you end up?’’                                                                                   

‘’Now another right angle anticlockwise’’


In Music, Julie Andrews has been helping Mr Cook to teach us the ‘notes to sing;
Doe, Ray, Me, Fah, So, La, Te, Doe.

Photo: drawn picture of 'Do, Re, Mi...'