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Priory Fields School

Priory FieldsSchool

Term 2

Saxons Day

Living workshop came to our school and we had an immersive Saxon day. We wore Saxon clothes, has Saxon tattoos and practised all sorts of Saxon activities.

We did weaving, making clay pots we even tried our hand at using quills to make illuminated letters

We practised Saxon battle cries and fighting strategies

Step- shield- up into the belly

Step- shield- get them in the head

our tribes were name throat cutters and blood thirsty.

Photos of Saxons workshop


We used a metre stick to draw lines in chalk on the playground.

We had to make sure we started at the right place and our metre sticks were round the right way

Our partners had to measure the lines we had draw and then write how many cm long our lines were.

This term in topic maths we will  be learning all about linear measurements and the ‘PERIMETERS’ of shapes.

Photos of children measuring playground


We have read the amazing story of the swords in the stone, we acted scenes from the story

Photos of children actingPhoto of words


This term we are leaning about invaders; the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings then we looked at our new timeline in school to help us understand just how long ago this was 440 years after Jesus was born (440 AD).

Photos of children looking at new wall art