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Priory Fields School

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Term 2


We finished off our topic on sound by completing a DT project. We had to research, design, make and evaluate a musical instrument. We made a range of drums, guitars and gyros out of wood. We measured the shapes we needed, cut them out using saws, glued them together, painted them and finally added the finishing touches. We hope you like our instruments!

Photos of DT project

Electricity Reports

We created non-chronological reports about our topic of electricity.

Photos of electricity topic reports


In Science, we explored how sound was produced. We took part in 4 different activities which showed us that sound is actually the vibration of particles. We explored tuning forks dipped in water, pasta on a drum, made string telephones and used elastic bands over a basket to create different sounds.

Photos of sound experiments


We have researched the difference between renewable and non-renewable energy using different sources and recorded what we had found out on class posters.

Photos  of children's energy display


We investigated the difference between a complete and an incomplete circuit and recorded our findings.

Photos of children's circuits work


We have investigated how to create a switch to work in our circuit. We were given split pins, paper clips, foil and a piece of card and we had to design a working switch to turn a light bulb on and off.

Photos of children working with electrical circuits

Electricity Lift Off!

To begin our topic on Electricity, we completed our learning lift-off afternoon. We completed a range of activities to explore what we knew about electricity already. We tried to make a battery out of a potato, match words, definitions and pictures, create static electricity using a balloon and play a beat the buzzer game.

Photos of children learning about electricity

Electricity Circuits

We have learnt about the difference between complete and incomplete circuits, making predictions and then testing out our predictions using the equipment.

Photos of children making circuits


During our topic maths lessons we have been learning about Perimeter. We know that it is the distance around the outside of a 2D shape, and have used this knowledge to find the perimeter of items around our classroom, including the table tops, power sockets and cupboard doors.

We then continued using our perimeter to design our own zoos. Of course, we had to keep the animals in their own enclosures and we have worked out how much fence we would need to build these and keep our animals safe.

Photos of children's perimeter work