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Priory Fields School

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Term 2


Justice class have become Master Carpenters to design, create and decorate their musical instruments, using their newly acquired sawing skills!

Photos of children showing musical instruments they made


Justice class used all their knowledge and understanding about electricity, conductors and insulators to create light up quiz.  Everyone was shocked that they actually worked!

Photos of children's light up quiz work


As scientists we were challenged to design and make our own switch, which would be used to make our circuits complete when it was on and incomplete when it was off,

Photos of children making switches

Our group used split pins because we know that for a bulb to light up the electrons need to flow through metal.


We used paper clips and when we attached it over the metal screw on the light bulb holder and connected it to a wire the switch was on, so the bulb lit up. When we took it off then the circuit was incomplete so the bulb did not light up.


As part of Maths week the children were challenged to be open-minded octopi to solve an open-ended activity. They had 4 boxes and had to put digits between 1-6 in them. The aim of the challenge was to make 100 when adding the 2 digit number together in the rows and in the columns.

Photos of children's maths work

We worked out that we had to put the lowest numbers in the grid because they would be in the tens column.

Our answer was over 180 because we put in the 5’s and 6’s  so we had to add 62 +54+ 65 + 24.



The key skill in Reading for this term is Inference. We inferred what the main character in our book Lila is like by finding evidence about her actions and body language to back up our ideas.

Photos of children's reading work


We became zoo designers this week, when we had to create animal enclosures for our own zoo and then calculate the perimeter of them.

Photos of children's maths work

All my enclosures were 18cm even though they were different shapes. I found that very interesting and surprising.

I worked out the perimeter of my whole zoo; 27cm + 30 cm + 27 cm + 30 cm which equalled 114cm. The perimeter is all around the outside edge of a shape.

Lift Off

Justice class had an exciting afternoon investigating electricity, seeing if they could make a light bulb light up,

There is plastic around the wire to stop us getting a shock. The plastic is an insulator.’

Make a buzzer buzz using potatoes,

I think it’s the starch in the potato that has electrons in which will make the electricity.

 Trying to master a buzzer game,

You need a steady hand. I realised I don’t have a steady hand.

Investigate static electricity, finding out whose hair stood up the highest and who could create the most static electricity.

When you rub a balloon it sticks to you because of the material in the jumper. Maybe it has electrons in it.

 Photos of children's electricity experiments