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Priory Fields School

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Term 2

Our targets this term are:

Reading: To have empathy with characters using evidence from the text to support my opinion. 
Writing: To spell high frequency words correctly. 
Maths: I know the 3 and 6 times tables and their related division facts.

Anti-Bullying Day

We had a lovely time on anti bullying day. We had lots of class discussions about bullying and we looked at inspirational people who have been bullied, and we wrote messages of support and encouragement to Greta to let her know she isn’t alone!


We used our amazing additional and subtraction skills to compare between ASDA and TESCO for a Christmas shop! We’ve also really loved participating in BARVEMBER!




In English we’ve really enjoyed Princess Blanket! This book has inspired us to write some informal letters! We used our new fantastic dictionary skills to create a semantic dictionary to help us with our big writes!


Kearsney Abbey

We kicked term 2 off to an amazing start! We had a topic day at Kearsney Abbey where we went into and measured the river depth and completed a nature survey! It was so good we all really, really enjoyed ourselves. After that we had lunch and had the chance to play at the park which was glorious! After that we found a range of leaves to create some leaf art and we worked as a team to measure the circumference of some massive trees!

While we were at Kearsney Abbey we discovered a lot of litter and decided to write a letter to the mayor of Dover complaining about the litter problem. Linked to this we completed a science experiment helping us to come up with solutions to the litter problem.




Rivers Topic

Linked to our topic we also looked at rivers around the country and took it in turns to pick a river and paint it onto our large map. It is work in progress!


Open-Minded Octopus Comes To Visit

We were lucky to have Open-minded Octopus in our classroom this week which has prompted some fantastic discussions!



We are also really enjoying our topic maths this term, we have taken our perimeter skills to the next level and used them all around the school.