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Priory Fields School

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Term 2


We've been looking at persuasive writing, particularly in adverts.  We created adverts to persuade people to visit Kearsney Abbey, can can watch our videos below!







This week we have been carrying out science investigations. We have been looking at what materials dissolve into water. We found out that water can only dissolve a certain amount of a solid.

Photos of science work


This week we have been looking a perimeter. We have been finding the perimeter of regular and irregular shapes.

Photos of shapes work


This week we started our new topic on rivers.

We started off our topic with a visit to Kearsney Abbey. At the park we too time to enjoy the beautiful surrounding and completed detail drawings of leaves and the landscape around us.

In the afternoon, we got into the river and measured the width and speed of the water. We looked to see if there was a relationship between the two.

Photos of children at Kearsney AbbeyThe Princess' Blanket

This term we are starting our new book 'The Princess' Blanket'. We are thoroughly enjoying making predictions on what the story is about just by the illustrations.

Photos of children looking at pictures


This week was Maths week. Respect set a challenge to make the top 1% of classes in the United Kingdom. I am proud to say that Respect managed to reach their goal and finish 298th out of over 30,000 classes.

Picture of TT Rockstars result