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Priory Fields School

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Term 2


As part of our learning this term, Tolerance have been looking at persuasive writing, in particular, persuasive writing for adverts. Tolerance created adverts to persuade people to visit Kearsney Abbey and the River Dour. Take a look our adverts!






Bold as Brass

Tolerance class are taking part in Bold as Brass this year. We were lucky to have Phil White from the Philharmonic Orchestra in for the afternoon to help us practise our trumpet and trombone skills!

Photos of children playing brass instruments

Christmas Dinner!

Tolerance enjoyed making placemats and Christmas hats for our Christmas dinner. We had lots of fun and enjoyed our food!

Photos of children enjoying Christmas dinner


In Tolerance class we have been looking at different materials and their properties. We completed an experiment to investigate which materials are soluble and insoluble in water.

Firstly, we had to make a prediction and write our hypothesis. We then carried out our experiment in groups, counting the number of stirs it would take for a material to dissolve. We recorded our findings in our book using a table and wrote our conclusion in our book.

Take a look at some of the fun we had!

Photos of science experiment

‘I enjoyed testing the different materials’

‘I enjoyed working as a team’

‘I found that the salt dissolved’

‘I found that the sand didn’t dissolve’

‘I enjoyed seeing some of the materials dissolve’

The Water Cycle

As part of our topic, Tolerance class have been learning about the water cycle. We began by looking at the different phases of the water cycle and the fact that it is a continuous process. We then made our own models of the water cycle to prove this process.

Photos of water cycle work

Kearsney Abbey

For our hook day, Tolerance class went to Kearsney Abbey to explore the river and its surroundings. Firstly, we walked along the river and created an observational drawing of the river, including the shape, and what we could see in the river.

Next, we got into the stream so that we could measure the width of the river. We learnt that the river changed widths at different parts. We enjoyed getting into the river but it was very cold!

We collected a sample of water from the stream at Russel Gardens to observe what wildlife we could find in the water. Finally, we created some sketches from autumnal leaves.

It was a very cold, busy, but fun way to start term 2!

Photos of children at Kearsney Abbey