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Priory Fields School

Priory FieldsSchool

Term 2


We have been investigating symmetry. We practically made patterns, and then using mirrors, cubes and a butterfly, made symmetrical patterns. We did a great job!

Photos of children's symmetry work

Turner Contemporary Trip

We spent the week looking at watercolour art by famous artists such as Turner. We learnt all about him and what makes him famous. In our sketch books we practised painting with watercolours and using different techniques.

We were really lucky and went on the coach to visit the Turner Contemporary in Margate. When we were there we had a look at some famous art pieces and quickly realised that art is not just painting. We sat on the steps outside and looked out to sea, just like Turner would have done when he visited Margate.

When we returned to school, we used our sketches to paint these masterpieces.

Photos of trip to Turner Contemporary


To kick-start our topic on ‘Explorers’ we became explorers ourselves. We took a walk to the local woods where we were given a map to help us. We had to find the ‘x’ deep in the woods to earn ourselves a puzzle piece. We found the trip exciting and fun to start with, but the deeper into the woods we went we felt more and more scared and anxious, especially when some of us got lost! This has helped us to understand how famous explorers may have felt when discovering new places.

.Photos of children exploring the park