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Priory Fields School

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Term 3

Eye of Horus

As part of our art learning, we have been using clay to sculpt the Eye of Horus - a symbol of health and protection. We looked at different examples of the Eye of Horus, designed our own, sculpted it from clay and finally painted. We are really proud of our work with clay this term!

Photos of children making Eye of Horus

Finished Canopic Jars

Look at our finished fantastic Canopic Jars! We even added our initials in hieroglyphics.

Photos of finished canopic jars

Photos of finished canopic jars

Egyptian Gods

We have been designing our own Egyptian gods. We used water colours to paint pictures of our ideas.

Photos of children designing Egyptian gods


We have begun our learning about division using LEGO blocks and counters to practise sharing out numbers equally. We then wrote number sentences on whiteboards to show our calculations.

Photos of children practising division

Canopic Jars

We finished off creating our Canopic jars by sculpting the lids. We created either a human, jackal, baboon or falcon to go on the top. Once they are dry, we can paint them!

Photos of children making lids for their canopic jars


In our maths lessons we have been learning about statistics. We have created line graphs using information on the temperature around different parts of the school and drawn our own pictograms showing our favourite ice-creams!

Photos of maths work


In our PSHE we have been thinking about our futures, and considering things which make us feel scared and what makes us feel excited.

Photos of PSHE work

Making Canopic Jars

We have been using clay to create Canopic Jars. We used a coiling technique to create the base, smoothing over the surface using water.

Photos of children making canopic jars

Photos of children making canopic jars

Ancient Egyptians

We have begun our topic on the Egyptians by looking at mummification. We have studied sets of instructions and then we mummified tomatoes – we are going to leave them for 2 weeks and see what happens.

Photos of children mummifying tomatoes