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Priory Fields School

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Term 3

Our targets this term are:

Writing: I spell homophones (there/their/they’re and two/too/to) correctly in my writing.

Maths: I know the 8 and 12 times tables and their related division facts.

Reading: I can explain how the author has used language for effect (author choice)

Anti-Bullying Day

We had a fantastic time on our anti-bullying day! The day started with a fantastic assembly. After that we discussed small pledges that we wanted to make individually – we had some great ideas such as random acts of kindness and telling jokes to make everyone smile. We then voted on a class pledge that we could all try to do and we settled on helping people when they are lonely. Once we decided on our class pledge we did some drama to show how we would talk and help people when they are lonely. We had great ideas!

After lunch we created our own ‘Change Starts with Us’ logos and had a fantastic time making them as inclusive and positive as possible! After that we read ‘The Colour Monster’ and discussed our emotions and everyone had the chance to colour in their own monster to show their emotions.

At the end of the day we discussed our school values and how they link to our pledges – we all agree that Monday will the most lovely and kind day in Respect class!





We have had a lovely time in Computing using Scratch! The children have really enjoyed using their coding skills – here’s one when we started and presented our first project to the class.


Ancient Greeks

We had a great day at the start of term 3! Some of us came in dressed as Greeks which was fun! We started off by discussing what we already knew about Greeks and what we wanted to know. Then we discussed mythical creatures and looked at Greek art. Then we created our own mythical creatures (some were really scary) and we drew them on Greek inspired vases.


After all of that we then made and tasted a Greek salad – some of us loved the olives. Then we wrote some amazing instructions helping anyone to make a Greek Salad!



In science we have been looking at reversible and irreversible changes. The first thing we did was to act out the different state matters before completing some great experiments. These experiments made us think about the reversible and irreversible changes we see all the time!



We’ve really gotten into our maths this term – starting out by looking at factors and squared numbers. We have really had to use our times tables brains!