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Priory Fields School

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Term 3


Respect have had an explosive end to Science this term. We have been looking chemical reactions and irreversible changes. We are now able to explain what a by product is and how reactions are formed.

Photo of science experiment

Bread Making

To finish of the term Respect have been using their DT skills to make a Greek style flat bread. We linked our science and cooking knowledge to explain how making bread is an irreversible change!

Photos of bread making


This term in ICT we have been learning how to use the program PowerPoint. We are able to insert hyperlinks and create different transitions between slides. 

Photo of child showing a Powerpoint

Battle of Marathon Re-enactment

This week, respect travelled back to 490BC. We became Ancient Greek soldiers and acted out the battle of Marathon. We used the key events from the battle to write a gripping newspaper report

Photos of Battle of Marathon Reenactment


In Respect this week, things got political!
We have been learning about how the Ancient Greeks introduced the ideas or democracy and debate. We carried out our own debate on whether the voting system in Ancient Greek was fair for all.

Photos of children debating

Greek Day

Respect had a fantastic time during our hook day. Respect were adventurous aardvarks trying foods that the Ancient Greeks ate over 3000 years ago. We then rated the food on texture, taste and appearance.

Photos of children on Greek Day