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Priory Fields School

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Term 3

Greek Day

For our hook day, Tolerance class had an Ancient Greek day! We dressed up as people from Ancient Greece. We looked at the Greek alphabet and wrote our name using the aplhabet. We created our own laurel wreath crown. 

We then looked at Greek pottery and the idea that Greek pottery often tells a story. We became archaeologists and pieced together different parts of the pot. We then predicted the story the Greek pot shows.

Finally, we tried different Greek food and rated them out of 10!

We had a very busy day but had lots of fun!

Photos of Greek Day

Photos of Greek Day


Tolerance Class have been practising identifying crochets and quavers in music. We practised clapping out quavers and crochets to 4 beats. We then had a go at composing our own 4 bar beat!

Photos of children learning music