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Priory Fields School

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Term 3

Light Experiment

Year 6 collaborative cats have been learning about how light travels and worked well together to carry out an experiment to prove this.

Photos of light experiment

Mayan Weaving

Year 6 was home to many Aspirational Ants when learning how to weave using Mayan-coloured wool. We managed to create some excellent designs and thoroughly enjoyed the process.

Photos of Mayan weaving work


Photos of volume work

The Maya

We have been enjoying our topic on the Maya. We created timelines to compare them to other ancient civilisations. We have also been looking at the Maya’s way of life including what they eat and the Gods that they venerated. After our chocolate taste testing, we made traditional Maya chocolate pots and decorated them with Maya hieroglyphs. We were really proud and impressed with our work.

Photos of Mayans work

Photos of children's work on the Maya


For maths, we are exploring manipulating shapes through reflection and translation. We are also enjoying some great hard work on decimals and fractions which we mastered in Year 5. Wish us luck.

Photos of children's maths work

The Maya

Our learning lifted off with an initial exploration of the ancient civilisation, Maya. We discussed where they came from and explored the region and wandered into Fairtrade discussions. From this we made exciting posters and tried and evaluated a range of Fairtrade chocolate with different amounts of cocoa solids.

Photos of children doing chocolate tasting