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Term 3

Cross Country - Term 3  

On Friday 20th January 2023, 12 superstars from across Whinless Down Academy were selected to take part in a Cross-country event at the Duke of Yorks school.  

All pupils were required to run 1 mile each, in a relay style. The track was a bit muddy therefore, certain areas of the cross-country route were more difficult than others. However, the muddy track did not seem to phase our 12 superstar runners. With the help and support of all the supporters the 12 superstars were all able to complete the cross-country route up to the finish line. 

Sportsmanship-All 12 superstar runners that were involved within the Cross- country event demonstrated fantastic sportsmanship throughout the event.

Thank you to all the pupils for their fantastic effort during the Cross-Country event you all demonstrated our school values fantastically.  

Thank you to Dover School games for hosting another fantastic event! 

Cheerleading Festival - Term 3

On Thursday 2nd February Year 3 pupils from across the Whinless Down Academy were selected to take part in a Cheerleading Festival at the Base. The Base, which is also known as the home of Vista Twisters Cheerleading company, offered a variety of different facilities that our superstars were able to use. 

Sprung Floor - Cheerleading superstars were able to learn different tumbles safely on the sprung floor. 

Beams - The Cheerleading superstars used the balance beams to rehearse the flyer shapes that were learnt during the Cheerleading festival. 

Crash Mats - Cheerleading superstars were able to challenge themselves by running into dive rolls and running into round offs. 

Different skills learnt throughout the Cheerleading festival- 

Stunts - Four cheerleaders are in a stunt group. Side Base, Main Base, Flyer and Back Spot. 

Dance - Cheerleaders learnt three eight counts of a dance sequence. 

Jumps - Cheerleaders learnt how to complete a toe touch jump, a pike jump and a split jump. 

Tumbling - Cheerleaders were able to rehearse tumbles safely using the sprung floor. 

Overall, the cheerleading team had a fantastic time at the Cheerleading festival. Since we have been to the cheerleading festival five of the superstars have been back to try cheerleading again. Thank you to Dover School Games for running the Cheerleading Festival everyone at The Whinless Down Academy had a great time. 

Kent Cricket - Term 3

During term 3 some of our year groups at Priory Fields had the opportunity of learning Cricket skills with a Cricket coach from Kent Cricket. The pupils were able to learn about the fundamental skills that are required to play a cricket game safely with others. All of the pupils involved in the Cricket sessions were handed a Cricket progress booklet, this helped the pupils to keep track of their progress made during the sessions. 

Playground leaders- The cricket sessions also developed a playground leaders group for our Sport Ambassadors to take lead in. During the playground sessions the pupils had the opportunity of sharing their skills they had learnt with other year groups in the school. 

Thank you to Megan from Kent Cricket who taught all our Cricket lessons at Priory Fields, we look forward to welcoming you back into Priory Fields School soon. 

A big thank you to Chance to Shine!