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Term 3


This week in Music, Courtesy carried on their training to be the next Mozart with their fantastic composition work!

After continuing to perfect their musical creation, one pupil was brave enough to share their work with the whole class. With the help of Mr Cook, they were able to put their music into a music program for everyone to hear it expertly played. Mr Cook even took this a step further and added a bass guitar and drum accompaniment to the music to level it up even further.

The whole class loved this performance and gave a very special thank you to their fellow classmate who took the risk to share it with everyone. Their composition went down so well it may well earn a Grammy!

Photos of music work


This week in Topic, Courtesy class have become superheroes! Due to our experiments last week, the children have managed to harness the power of the Earth’s magnetic field. With their new-found superpowers, Courtesy have been creating compasses!

Using their previous knowledge learning magnets can attract and repel each other, the children theorized a magnet would attract to one of the Earths two poles. To test this out, Courtesy created simple compass’ only out of a yoghurt cup, cardboard and, of course, a magnet! Through this experiment, Courtesy discovered the magnets always attracted to the North Pole.

The children then understood how compass’ can be helpful for navigation if you always know where North is. Now Courtesy understands how to control the Earth’s magnetic field, who knows what’s next in store!

Photos of topic work


This week a magnetic attraction brought both Year 3 classes together, a love of magnets! Courtesy and Integrity classes became investigative scientists and experimented with magnets to determine what can be, as a pupil described it, ‘grab’ objects.

Year 3 discovered that magnets only attract metal and that using a magnet is a good way to sort materials. The children found that scissors, table legs and radiators were attracted to magnets but the plastic chairs, teacher’s wooden desk and windows did not. The children started to see and understand the pattern; objects with metal in them are attracted to the magnets whereas the other materials are not.

We also started to understand that magnets are a gradual force and can attract objects from a distance. The attraction between metals and magnets was really fascinating to all of the Year Threes who loved having paper-clips fly up from the table onto their magnets!

Photos of children experimenting with magnets


This week in Music, Courtesy channelled their inner Mozart and Beethoven and became beautiful composers!

With help from Mr Cook, the children started to create their own music and write it down. Instead of writing out an entire piece of music using tricky notation, we instead used something called a graphic score. This lets us write down music without actually playing an instrument!

The children loved creating their own stunning musical creations and writing them down so they can use them next week, we even think some of Courtesy class might start composing for the new Marvel films!

Photos of children making music


Courtesy Class have had another fantastic start to a new term! 

In our Hook lesson for Topic, the children enjoyed: running, skipping, jumping, hopping, bouncing balls, kicking balls and throwing bean bags.  They were then asked to explain how it was that they were able to do all of these movements.  The only clue they were given was that the answer was to do with Science. 

With lots of discussion and questioning they realised that all their movements are because of two forces: push and pull. 

In the pictures below, can you decide if the force used is a push or a pull? 

Photos of children bouncing balls for an experiment