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Priory Fields School

Priory FieldsSchool

Term 3

Our targets this term are:

Reading: To retrieve and interpret information from a text.

Writing: To spell 20 of the new words I have learnt.

Maths: To recall the 4 times tables.

Road Safety

Year 3 had a visitor in to teach us about Road Safety.  We learned: Stop, Look, Listen and Think before crossing the road.  We learned about the best places to cross and why other places to cross are really not suitable.



In Computing, we learned to programme a robot to complete a sequence of actions. 


We worked as Collaborative Cats when we used a Venn diagram in Maths to sort two of our times table facts. 

We loved using number lines to help us solve two-digit multiplied by one-digit problems. 



We listened respectfully to each other’s ideas and worked in collaboration to match fronted adverbials to main clauses to create fantastic, interesting sentences.