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Priory Fields School

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Term 4


This week in Music, Courtesy were becoming performing musicians once more but this time there was a difference; they were playing on a glockenspiel for the very first time!

Mr Cook decided to put the children through their paces and throw them in at the deep end with the song that has been number one at the charts for the last 100 years, which is of course Hot Cross Buns! As well as playing the tune, Courtesy even had to read the music as well; they were learning two skills at once.

After an amazing concert for Mr Cook, Mrs Walker-Smith and Mr Hattersley, the children were well on their way to stardom!

Photo of music work


This week in Courtesy, the children were practising their amateur dramatics and retelling the Easter story!

Everyone was split into groups and using their Collaborative Cat skills they planned, rehearsed and performed all eight days. A few of the children were hesitant to perform (which I very much understand!) but they were such Adventure Aardvarks!

All the children did such an amazing job, a few may have even won Academy Awards for their performances!

Photos of acting out Easter story


This week in Courtesy, the children were back at it again with Mr Cook to hone their musical abilities and talents, starting with their bar chime skills!

Mr Cook provided an amazing lesson that was a great recap of all the music lessons from the Spring terms. This included call and response, which Courtesy had mastered long ago and improvisation, of which the children were amazing jazz players!

Courtesy also brushed up on their compositional skills abilities which they will continue to improve upon next term!

Photos of music work

Wildwood Trip

This week Courtesy Class went on an expedition to the deep wilderness of Kent, Herne Bay! Going to the amazing Wildwoods Discovery Park, the children were able to see exotic animals in their natural habitats. From bison to bears, red squirrels to reindeer we got to see so many different and interesting animals.

Courtesy were also fortunate enough a have a personal workshop led by one of the super talented employees of Wildwoods where they looked at whether some animals are carnivores (meat eaters) or herbivores (plant eaters). We even got hands on with some examples of their skulls. All the students very cleverly observed that carnivores have big, pointy teeth for ripping meat and herbivores have small teeth for grinding grass and plants. The children were also able to examine other animal bones such as their ears, legs and shoulders!

After a hard day of outdoor work, Courtesy were able to finish their day with a bit of relaxation, along with running around the Wildwood park!

Photos of children on Wildwood trip

World Book Day!

Courtesy Class had a fantastic time dressing up as their favourite book character!  We were also lucky to spot Mr. Willy Wonka and some Oompa-Loompas around the school!  The pictures below show some of the creative activities we engaged in to celebrate World Book Day.  Enjoy!

Photos of world book day work


In Maths, Courtesy had a great time working with fractions.  We have been identifying numerators, denominators  and fractions of objects and amounts.  We have also been exploring equivalent fractions. 

Photos of maths work

Photos of maths work


In PSHE, Courtesy Class has been exploring the question: How do we maintain good oral hygiene? First, they shared their ideas with the whole class which really warmed up their thinking.  Then the children had to sort good oral hygiene habits from bad oral hygiene habits.  They weren’t fooled!  Courtesy Class really knows how to take care of their mouth, teeth and gums!  Most children knew they should brush for 2 minutes and when finished, to not rinse as this washes away all the protective fluoride. 

Photos of PSHE work


This week in Topic Maths, the children of Courtesy were learning all about right-angles and 90-degree turns and, hopefully, not getting themselves too dizzy in the process!

Using a high-tech piece of equipment, the mathematicians of Courtesy class looked around their classroom trying to find any two lines that met at exactly a 90-degree angle which we learnt is called a right-angle!

From here, the children could then understand 90-degree turns and angles, such as the ones we use on clock faces. When the minute hand is 90-degree from the start of the circle clock that is called quarter-past the hour, 180-degress in half-past the hour and so forth.

You could say the children were seeing if they were RIGHT about right-angles…

Photos of children learning about right-angles

Following Instructions

This week in Topic, Courtesy class were using their English knowledge to do what no child has ever done before, follow instructions!

Within their English work, the children have been creating their very own sweets, but that’s not all. Luckily, the children have also been writing down the instructions for their sweet creation so all of us can enjoy their mouth-watering creations!

Before finalising their instructions, the children experienced for themselves what good instruction looked like by using a superb example to create their very own jam sandwiches! With the layers of bread, butter and jam, the children needed to very carefully follow instructions so their sandwiches didn’t rip, fall apart or explode! Courtesy were working so hard they ended up with a very big appetite when they had finished, so it was a good job they could eat their jammy creations!

I think you’ll agree these sandwiches look very appetising, which instructions should Courtesy follow next!

Photos of children making sandwiches


This week in Maths, Courtesy was learning about fractions, not the easy fractions they had learnt in Year 2 though, the children were being challenged with finding tenths!

After their amazing work figuring out fractions of various shapes, the children were able to use this knowledge and create their very own worm that was divided into tenths. These worms are definitely a lot more colourful and friendly looking than the ones in the ground! Can you figure out the rest of the fractions for the last two worms?

Photos of maths work


This week, Courtesy was revisiting their Year 2 knowledge by becoming explorers once more and setting out to re-discover the world!

Firstly, the children were amazing at recalling all the seven continents of the world (some were even singing the song we practised last year in Honesty class!). The next step was to lay out all the continents in the correct order to give the best world map possible.

We then took our work and combined our previous knowledge of the world with our fantastic detective skills and figured out the habitats of lots of different animals live (excluding zoos of course!).

After some great hard work, Courtesy finished the lesson watching and listening to one of Britain’s greatest national treasures, the enchanting naturalist, David Attenborough. I think we may even have some future Attenborough’s in the class…

Photos of topic work