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Term 4

Our targets this term are:

Maths: Begin to recall the 8 times table and related division facts.
Writing: Use 20 of the NEW words I have been given.
Reading: Explain the purpose of a text and discuss the author’s choices.


While learning about Passover, we tried some of the foods eaten during the Passover meal. 

The children were Adventurous Aardvarks and tried everything on their plates!  Some didn’t care for the salty water but understood that it represents the tears of the Israelites while enslaved in Egypt. 

Photos of children trying a Passover meal


In Science, Courtesy Class has been studying the human skeleton and nutrition.  As you see in the pictures, they had lots of fun creating a life-size skeleton and labelling it with their learning about bones and muscles.  The children were also able to link their PSHE learning of Dental Care with their Science and now have a better understanding of how to eat well to take care of their teeth. 

Photos of science work displays

Let's Count Project

We learned what a census is, how often it is taken, what data is collected and how that information is used.

After studying different population counts, we created bar charts to show population by age from the 2001 and 2011 census.  We discussed why the age range of 10-14 made a considerable jump compared to the other age groups.  Many of us were excited to think this would the first census we would be counted in!

Photo of Let's Count work

We even made a bar chart of our predictions of what the data might show for the 2021 census and compared it with the 2001 and 2011 census data.  What do you notice?


Courtesy Class designed and built a model town, Courtesyville.  After studying how data collected from a census can inform the need for various facilities in an area, we collaborated to generate ideas for Courtesyville.  We learned that a healthy person is a happy person and a happy person is a healthy person.  This helped guide our choices.

In our model town you will see: a GP surgery, hospital, Sports Centre, Cinema, Library, Optometrist, Care Home for the elderly, Police Station, Fire Brigade and Housing. 

A ‘Well Done’ for the person who can spot the really important missing facility?

Photo of 'Courtesyville' displayPhoto of children working on 'Courtesyville'

Maths / Computing

Welcome back to class!  We kicked off our Maths learning with Fractions! The children are showing that a whole can be divided into fractions (parts of a whole) and how we label those fractions.

Photos of children doing maths work

We combined our Computing and Maths learning in this lesson!

Here you see the children using horizontal, vertical, perpendicular and parallel lines alongside their understanding of angles from Maths to practise their understanding of algorithms in Computing to guide their partners through a maze.

Photo of children walking through maze


In RE, we have been studying different festivals celebrated by various faiths.  Children enjoyed recreating the Festival of Colour celebrated in Spring by the Hindus.  They got to throw powdered paint at a life-size outline of their classmates. 

Photo of children celebrating Hindu festival of colour