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Term 4

Wildwood Trip

We had a fabulous school trip to Wildwood - we had a workshop which taught us all about different animal skeletons. We explored sheep heads, cow ribs and even some jaw bones! We then went on a walk and saw animals from all over the world - We even went on a rope bridge over some bears!

Photos of Wildwood trip


During our PSHE lessons, we have been learning the importance of oral hygiene and how we can maintain this - we learned that too much sugar is bad for our teeth and we even investigated the amount of sugar in some popular drinks - we were shocked!

Photos of teeth work


In maths, we we are furthering our knowledge of fractions by using pictorial representations to find fractions of number.

Photos of maths work


Topic has been teaching us the importance of our skeletons. We need them to support our bodies, help us move and to protect our organs!

Photos of topic work on skeletons


In maths we have been continuing our learning of fractions and seeing how this relates to division. We used chalk on the playground to identify unit fractions.
Photos of maths work chalk on playground


This week in Topic we have been exploring why our skeletons are important. We used sticks to represent bones and built bodies around our skeletons using Playdoh and Plasticine.

Photos of Skeleton Work

Humans & Animals

We had our learning lift off this week and we are going to be learning all about animals and humans and what is inside us, including bones and muscles. Alongside this, we will be discussing how to keep our bodies and teeth healthy, and how to make the right choices with food. We will discuss the impact of a poor diet on our health.

Photos of animals and humans work

In maths, we have been focussing on fractions, learning whole, parts, denominator, numerator and tenths. There has also been some learning on position and direction, where we had to move our objects clockwise and anti-clockwise in 90 and 180 degree turns.

Photos of maths work