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Priory Fields School

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Term 4

Our targets this term are:

Maths: Begin to recall the 8 times table and related division facts.
Writing: Use 20 of the NEW words I have been given.
Reading: Explain the purpose of a text and discuss the author’s choices.

We are Back!!

Integrity were thrilled to be back at school together after such a long break; they had missed the friendships and interactions with their classmates. After being online for 3 months it was exciting to share learning experiences again with each other.


During lockdown, brainstorming had taken place regarding our skeleton.  What bones were in our hands and feet? How big were they? What did they look like? Back in school, a few children were drawn around and teams put their heads together to think about the shape, size and placement of all our bones. Great guesses were had! The next stage of learning was to label the bones and add the protected organs. Discussions were fascinating and productive.

Photos of children doing science work

Finding out about Holi

The children worked with Mrs Wheeler to discover facts about the celebration of Holi. It was exciting to find out more about how others celebrate occasions special to them.

Great fun was had outdoors imitating the paint throwing part of the festival! It was a better idea to throw it at imaginary people rather than at each other!

Photos of children celebrating Holi festival

Let's Count!

 What a fantastic time we had devoting two days to look at the purpose and results of the Census!  We looked at our immediate location; that of the classroom with our friends. After posing questions, we carried out our own surveys to find information like favourite animals, bed times and activities for relaxing. This allowed us to see how important and interesting data is. Results were shown using bar graphs.

We predicted how many children there would be recorded in this week’s Census, based on the figures from 10 and 20 years ago.

We used these figures to help us with decisions that would need to be made regarding the number and types of facilities that a town should have moving forward. We designed the facilities but were not sure where to place them. Photos of the children taking part in Let's Count census workAfter making a vehicle survey to see how busy Astor Avenue was and the types of vehicles that used the main road, we could be more decisive.

It was decided that Dover would need two hospitals plus Doctor and Dentist surgeries. Due to the number of small children Day care and Play facilities were also important.