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Priory Fields School

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Term 4

Our targets this term are:
Reading: I make deductions about the characters using evidence from the text to support my reading.  
Writing: I spell homophones correctly in my writing.
Maths: I solve arithmetic questions involving the four operations.
Anti Bullying Day

We had a glorious time on anti bullying day! First we discussed the class pledge we came up with last term “reach out to people who are lonely”. We discussed it and then played an exciting maths board game with unusual partners. This board game inspired us and we created our very own maths board game with our unusual partners which was an amazing experience and helped us to work hard!



We have really enjoyed using watercolour paints and fineliners to create some amazing fantasy castle paintings!

Dover Castle Trip

We had an amazing time exploring Dover Castle! It was a long walk up many hills but we were determined to be adventurous aardvarks and we made it! We started by going to the Roman Pharos and St Mary’s Church. We were all in shock at how beautiful the stain glass windows were and enjoyed looking at all of the different parts of history that were on display. Next we learnt about the Roman Pharos and explored it to work out what shape it was!

Then it was time for lunch. We made sure we were respectful rabbits and left no litter behind!

Then it was time for us to explore the Keep! We started out in the kitchen, learning all about how they would have done it without any electricity. Then we walked up all the stairs to the top and discussed why it was important the castle was up so high – we came up with some amazing answers. We loved the view as well.

But then it started to rain and we went inside – we explored the king's chamber and all the different rooms. We learnt that the people then would often sleep sitting up so the devil couldn’t steal their soul. We found that super interesting!

After all that fun we walked all the way downhill back to school – we were tired but we had a fantastic day!


Fortify & Defend

We had an excellent hook day kicking off our new topic Fortify and Defend! First we discussed what we already knew about castles and what we wanted to know, We’ve come up with some exciting questions to answer.


After that we used our collaborative cat skills to work in pairs to create a power point about different castles. We were very happy and proud to share these presentations to the class – we learnt loads of new facts!


After lunch we started to look at the different defensive features of a castle. We learnt all about moats, arrow slits and portcullis and make some great semantic dictionaries we can use all term!