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Priory Fields School

Priory FieldsSchool

Term 4

Albert Hall Trip

Respect have just returned from a fantastic trip the The Royal Albert Hall. Where we watched Classical Spectacular. One Child said:

It was a once in a life-time experience!

Photos of Albert Hall Trip


This week we have continued to explore how levers and pulleys work. We used our knowledge of forces and how they work in pairs to move our peg man up a flight of stairs. 

Photos of pulleys experiment

QR Codes

This week in English we have used using QR codes to help us gather information to create a guide book on a castle. 

Photo of QR code


This week we have been editing and improving out maze games. We have been creating our own designs to make our games more engaging.
Photos of children making computer games

Photos of children making computer games

Defend and Fortify

This week Respect started our new Topic Defend and Fortify. We have been using our knowledge organisers to find oout what we are going to be learning about this term. We have been using QR codes to take virtual tours around castles to find out how a castle was fortified. 

Photos of Castles work