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Term 4

And we’re back!


A question…

Do you love to contemplate life whilst staring at flowers?

Me too!

To start off our glorious spring return to school, we have been learning about Hanami and Sakura.

Want to learn more? Ask your super-duper Respect learners and they’ll let you know…

Cherry Blossom

We used a range of methods to create these amazing pictures of sakura – cherry blossom.

 Did we just paint them? Of course not!

We used straws, self-generated wind-power and diluted paint for the branches. For the blossom, we designed and drew, then applied the colours in a style borrowed from pointillism.

The results?

I N C R E D I B L E !!


Structured lines and beats,

A poem form from the east…

Well, it’s short at least!

You guessed it! To tie in with Hanami, we have been using a structured poem form called a haiku. Each poem can only have three lines. The first and final line have five syllables or beats, the middle line has seven.

Many haiku are inspired by nature; not many are as good as ours!Look below…

Read, enjoy and then try writing one of your own…

Haikus children's work image