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Term 4


Tolerance class have been using xylophones to explore different chords. We worked with a partner to create different chords and reflected on how each chord made us feel. We then composed our own piece of music to reflect a different mood.

Photos of children playing music

Royal Albert Hall

Tolerance Class were fortunate enough to visit the Royal Albert Hall. We travelled to London on the coach. We were amazed at how big the Royal Albert Hall was! We found our seats and we were sat in boxes. We got to listen to a range of different classical music. Take a look at some of our thoughts from the day!

Here's what the children said about the experience:

I enjoyed the music and fireworks.

I enjoyed the coach and seeing the Royal Albert Hall.

I enjoyed listening to different music.

Photos of Royal Albert Hall Trip

Dover Defences

Tolerance have been exploring the difference defence systems in Dover, and their location. We researched into The Grand Shaft. We looked at the history of the building, why it was used and its uses now. We then created a fact file to display this information. Take a look at some of our work!

Photos of children's work about Dover defences

Term 4- Fortify and Defend

Is this town a good place to live – what do you think? Have you ever wondered why people in the past chose to live here? Together, we are going to find out about the places where people lived and settled considering the idea of safety and how this has changed. As well as visiting fortifications in the local area. Studying local defences which include Dover castle, Martello Towers and Western Heights. We will be looking at different countries as well as different times in history and different societies, carrying out an in-depth historical study into the structures that have been used in protect, defend and fortify. As diligent designers we will use our Science learning around levers and pulleys to design, make and evaluate a siege tower. We will manage our own risks as we use a wide range of tools and equipment to make our towers accurately.

World Book Day!

Tolerance Class loved World Book Day! We dressed up as our favourite characters from our books and spoke about why we liked them. We then created character ‘selfies’ of our favourite book characters. We enjoyed having a parade around the school to show off our amazing outfits! Take a look at some of them here:

Photos of World book day

Photos of World book day

Exploring Fractions

Tolerance class have started our new topic of fractions by completing a range of different tasks to do with fractions. We used fraction wheels to explore equivalent fractions and how to add fractions with different denominators. We looked at different flags and identified the fraction of each colour. Finally, we looked at the different ways we can split a post it note into different parts.

Photos of fractions work