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Priory Fields School

Priory FieldsSchool

Term 4


Year 6 enjoyed our annual ritual of decorating eggs for the Easter holidays. We hope you like our creations based on our strange imaginations.

Photos of decorated eggs

Anderson Shelters

The Anderson shelters were finally finished just in time! We really hope you enjoy our craftsmanship and endeavour. It was a long project!

Photos of Anderson shelter models

Royal Albert Hall Trip

Year 6 had the great privilege of enjoying the Classical Spectacular concert at the Royal Albert Hall. With a full Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, laser displays, professional dancers, opera singers and fireworks, we sat in plush boxes and enjoyed excerpts from La Traviata, Ravels’ Bolero and Jupiter from the Planets Suite amongst others. It was truly spectacular in a beautiful historic venue and we all truly enjoyed the show.

Photos from Albert Hall trip


In our history work on World War 2, we have been researching the main leader protagonists and plotting a timeline of the main events of the war. We have also been exploring the everyday lives of children and their evacuation during the war. It has been eye-opening and interesting.

Photos of children's WW2 work

Photos of children's WW2 work

Currently, we are researching, designing and writing instructions for building Anderson shelters. Hopefully, this will inform us in our design and technology building of shelters. We hope our woodwork is adequate because we are dropping a 1kg weight (bomb substitute) on them to see if they survive. Pictures to follow!

Topic Maths

In topic maths, we have been plotting reading and analysing illustrative data such as line graphs and pie charts. These are a little bit trickier than pictograms, to say the least, but we have been really successful in our learning.

WW2 Day

Year 6 lifted off the term dressed as school children evacuated as a result of the commencement of World War 2. As Neville Chamberlains’ speech rang out, we made gas masks holders, found our labels for where we were going, packed our bags, said our goodbyes and recorded our thoughts in diaries. A truly great start to our World War 2  learning experience.

Photo of  children dressed up for WW2 Day

Photo of WW2 day Photo of  WW2 Day

Photo of  WW2 Day  Photo of  WW2 poster