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Priory Fields School

Priory FieldsSchool

Term 4

Peter Rabbit

We have been re-imagining the story of Peter Rabbit. We were able to change the settings for our stories. Here are some of our fantastic ideas...

Photos of Peter Rabbit work

Seeds Update

Look at how well our plants in our classroom are growing! We can see shoots and roots coming from some of the seeds.

Photos of seeds growing


To start off our Science on Plants this term, we were tasked with sharing everything we know about plants. We then were given some resources and given the challenge to make plants.

Photos of plants work

Photos of plants art


We have been running a science investigation where we are growing seeds in different environments – dark with and without water, and light with and without water. Alongside this, we have been given our own seed to grow in the classroom so we can see what happens and when.

Photos of children planting seeds


In PE we have started learning Maypole dancing. With Miss Critcher’s support we have learnt about the importance of counting and moving in time. We have been practising one dance where we have to skip round collaboratively to make a pattern with the ribbons.

Photos of Pe with the Maypole


As mathematicians we have been solving and finding fractions of numbers and shapes. We have become quite confident with finding half and are moving on to finding quarters and thirds.

Photos of maths work


In English we have learnt about the importance of conjunctions and how the use of these can make better, more exciting sentences. We worked in groups to find the most suitable conjunction to join two sentences together.

Photos of English work