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Priory Fields School

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Term 4

Our targets this term are:

Reading: To discuss and understand the meaning of new words.
Writing: To spell contractions. Eg it’s, she’s, he’s, that’s
Maths: To recall the 5 x table and its division facts.

Plants & Growth

Loyalty class have been very busy since we burst back into the classroom! This term in topic we are looking at plants and growth. We are becoming quite green fingered and have already had a go at growing lots of different plants. First we grew cress seeds in 4 different conditions to see what plants needed most to grow. Then we planted sunflower seeds to take home and look after in order to see who would be the Loyalty class sunflower growing champion! Next, we planted broad beans in a cup so we can observe their growth, we are keeping a diary about all the changes we can see and we take very good care of them, watering them every day, making sure they have the right amount of sunlight and making sure they are not too hot or cold – it keeps us very busy!

Photo of cress experiment Photo of Beans growing


In English we have heard all about the tale of the naughty little rabbit – Peter Rabbit! After receiving a letter from Mrs Rabbit herself telling us what that naughty Peter had been up to, we got straight to work and tried to imagine a different setting where Peter could have run off too to cause mischief. He must have been a very tired rabbit as we wrote stories which took him to Theme parks, Supermarkets, Priory Fields School, a bear cave, a YouTubers studio and even Marshmallow land!

Photo of English work Photo of English work

We learned that Beatrix Potter lived in the English countryside and was inspired to write her stories by the nature around her, this set our brains working and we couldn’t help but wonder what would have Beatrix have written about if she lived in a different setting? As you can see we invented our own characters living in different settings – Loyalty class certainly are Adventurous Aardvarks with all of the animals and settings we came up with.

Photo of English work Photo of English work Photo of English work  

Photo of English work  Photo of English work

Let's Count!

We had a wonderful chance to spend a few days taking part in “Let's Count” where we went in depth and learned all about the census taking place at the end of March. We did our own school census, a class census and had great fun planning our own census on deciduous and evergreen trees – we created some amazing tally charts and pictograms to show our results. Maths has been very busy for us this term too, we have become capacity measuring experts and can add 2 two digit numbers with ease! Aren’t we all very clever?

Let's count picture