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Term 4

Movie Making

We have worked really hard this term mastering Movie Maker in Computing. We uploaded pictures, added captions, choose music and added effects. Enjoy. 


David Hockney Art

Our art has been linked to our Geography topic, ‘What attracts tourists to the UK?’. We have studied the art work of David Hockney a pop artist, who creates art work digitally. He uses an ipad and uses vibrant colours to capture time of day and seasons of the year. We use Photofiltre to create digital pieces in his style, It was hard!

Photos of David Hockney art

Learning Landing  ‘Why do tourists visit the UK?’

We recreated out map of the UK from the start of the topic and were much more accurate with its shape, where the boundaries between the countries were, the location of the capital cities and significant landmarks.

Photos of children's UK models in playdough

We wrote our own knowledge organiser showing our knowledge that we acquired and wrote persuasive adverts to show what the UK had to offer.

Photos of children's knowledge organisers for their topic


Our Geography topic is ‘What attracts tourists to the UK’ and we thought about Kent. In Margate is the Turner Gallery and we discovered that the famous artist Turner loved Margate and spent hours watching the sea and clouds and painting them at different times. We used his colour palette and pastels to create our own dramatic interpretations. Can you guess what weather conditions and times of day we were portraying? We loved his style, especially these ones:

Photos of 2 Turners

Photos of children's art inspired by Turner


This week we have been answering the question, ‘What physical features attract tourists to the Uk?’ investigating the Lake District in Cumbria. We created a 2-d landscape of the Lake District, adding in the information on the physical feature that tourists visit. It has everything; mountains, hills, a coastline, rivers and the most famous lakes in our country, Windermere and Coniston water.

Photos of children's geography work


Why do we live here? We live in the county of Kent – the garden of England, home to Charles Dickens and the main area for growing hazelnuts in the UK! The first ever James Bond book was written down the road in St. Margarets and we are the gateway to Europe being just 21 miles away from Calais in France. Where do other people live? Do you know anything about the other counties of the UK or how our country is divided up? As budding geographers, we will consider the shape of the UK as we travel from South further North. Along the way, we will practice our skills in map reading through the use of OS maps, Google Earth and atlases.  You will be so inspired you will want to discover these places on your holidays for yourselves.

Photos of children's map work

Three Peaks Challenge

We have been investigating the Three Peaks Challenge and had to find information about each of the mountains for people who want to climb them.

Photos of children's work about three peaks challenge

Snowdon is in Wales and there is a railway to take you up. Mrs Steeples had to walk it as they didn’t let dogs on!

Scafell Pike is in the county of Cumbria near the Lake district. There are 4 main paths to climb it’

Ben Nevis is in the Grampian highlands in Scotland. There is an emergency  shelter on the summit.

The way to the top is called the Pony Path.

Ben Nevis is the highest mountain in the UK.

Mr Gum

We are reading Mr Gum and we drew an emotions graph showing how he felt at different parts of the story.

Photos of children's graphs work

The UK

‘What attracts tourists to the UK ‘ is our Geography topic this term. We started this by thinking about what we know about the UK and what shape the UK is. Here are our ideas at the start of the topic.

The White Cliffs of Dover attracts tourists because it is famous.

The UK is made up of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

London is the capital and there is Big Ben in London.

The White Cliffs of Dover are famous across the world.

The roads out of Dover are the busiest in England.

Photos of UK maps made of plaudough


We are investigation what a fraction is this term. We used magnetic fraction tiles to find equivalent fractions.

I noticed that the smaller the denominator was the bigger the fraction shape, that was weird.

1/2 is equivalent to 2/4, 3/6 and 4/8. It’s the 2 times table.

We found you can choose different fractions to make a whole.

Photos of fractions work