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Priory Fields School

Priory FieldsSchool

Term 4

Our targets this term are:

Reading:  To use the text to support my inferences.
Maths: To recall the multiplication and related division facts for the seven times tables.
Writing: To learn and apply my weekly spellings in my writing.


Justice Class celebrated Easter by linking it to the spring of new beginning and new life, collected from around Priory Fields School.

Photos of children's Easter collages

Let's Count

The Let’s Count census days were great fun and very informative. We did our own census on distances around the school which we illustrated in bar graphs.

Photo of Let's Count graph work   Photo of Let's Count graph work   Photo of Let's Count graph work Photo of Let's Count graph work

Mary Seacole / The NHS

We enjoyed researching the fascinating life of Mary Seacole and learnt about the NHS.

Photo of Mary Seacole work Photo of NHS work


Justice Class are enjoying reading Mr Gum (who is a bad man)! We have been exploring the characters and are currently quite worried that Mr Gum may poison Jake the Dog!

 Photo of children's work  Mr Gum book cover 


Our maths work this term requires careful ruler work as we write coordinates for shapes and translate them around the grid. Equally exciting, is our shared enjoyment of division. We have mastered the calculations and are moving on to problem solving.

Photo of children's work  Photo of children's work 


Sound is our topic this term and we have been getting to grips with some amazing vocabulary and testing theories with fabulous experiments. The Class is ringing to the clank of tuning forks and muffled alarm clocks.

Photo of children's work Photo of children's work Photo of children's work

Let's Count / Mary Seacole

As part of the Let’s Count census, we have enjoyed gathering steps data, tallying, drawing graphs and interrogating the data. We also celebrated the NHS and Mary Seacole.

 Photo of graph work

Photo of graph work

Photo of children's work 



Justice Class have had a really successful return to school after a long break. We started our term in a spring shower, making pretty flowers.

Photo of spring display