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Priory Fields School

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Term 5

Our targets this term are:

Maths: I can recall the 8 times tables and its related division facts.
Writing: I can use the correct homophone in the correct context.
Reading: I can explain the purpose of a text and discuss the author’s choice of vocabulary.


Linking our Computing and Topic learning by creating Stone Age mazes using 2DIY 3D. We had fun making and working through each other’s Stone Age mazes. 

Photos of children creating 3d mazes on laptops


The children enjoyed role playing the characters and events from the story, Stone Age Boy.  This helped embed the language and order of the story for them to then write a retell and their own story in the style of Stone Age

Photos of the children doing role play


We’ve been doing lots of Maths learning involving division and multiplication.  Trying out different methods.

We’ve been getting confident with division and a number line. Learning about capacity was fun, if not a little wet! Not to worry, we found ways around it. 

Photos of maths work

Stone Age Art

While studying Stone Age Cave paintings, children learned how symbols can be used as a means of communication.  They then used this idea when creating their own ‘Cave paintings’ for people to learn about them in the distant future.

Photos of Stone Age art


In our Topic Learning about the Stone Age, children role played what trading might have been like.  They quickly learned what a fair trade was. A rather quicker trade was made and both parties shook on it!

Photos of role play

Stone Age Homes

Children designed, created and evaluated Stone Age houses during D.T. They learned valuable lessons on only using available natural materials while gaining an appreciation of the difficulties faced by Stone Age people. 

Photos of children holding Stone Age home models