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Term 5

Museum Trip

Year 3 at Priory Fields had an amazing time this week because we had another instalment in our Field Trips series! In this episode, Courtesy and Integrity classes were lucky enough to go to Dover Museum (home of the world’s oldest ever boat) for a jam-packed day!

Firstly, the children, in preparation for seeing the Bronze Age boat, made small replicas out of clay. It was very messy work but I think you will agree the results are amazing! Unfortunately, Mr Hattersley was too busy making his own boat to take pictures of Courtesy making them…He even need a pupil (who was being a fantastic Collaborative Cat) to help him out!

After we got all washed up, Courtesy then were able to get hands on with history with some authentic pre-historic (before written history) artefacts. The children were so clever and able to answer all questions about archaeology!

Lastly, both Year 3 classes had a lovely talk about the centre piece of the entire museum, the Bronze Age boat! Children from all over the world look at this boat and learn its story in textbooks, videos and pictures but the children of Priory Fields could see it in real life! They were also able to touch a replica of it to see how it would feel for Bronze Age people to work in the boat all day long.

Overall, we had yet another fantastic trip and the children thoroughly enjoyed it with the boat being a highlight. I wonder what other favourite moments the children had?

Photos of children at Dover museum

Neolithic Houses

This week in Courtesy we have been carrying on our Stone Age learning by looking at Neolithic houses in Skara Brae!

After exploring these massive, one-bedroom maze of homes, the class then discussed all the furniture found inside the house and how it compared to our modern lives. They had dressers, mantelpieces and decorations just like us. However, we don’t have a massive fire pit in the middle of our house anymore!

Once we had finished our discussion we then recapped our knowledge from our previous terms Topic, which was the Anglo-Saxons. The children drew, labelled and compared houses from the Stone Age, Anglo-Saxons and modern houses. It was really interesting to see what changed but perhaps even more so what has stayed the same!

Photos of houses comparison work

Topic Maths

This term in Courtesy, our Topic Maths lessons are all about measuring mass!

This week has been the best yet for the pupils of Courtesy class who have been such Aspirational Ants and trying so hard with their work. This is a brand new concept for the children and it can be really difficult to wrap their head around scales, measuring, grams and all sorts of new ideas. As said though, the children are doing absolutely fantastically with all their work and we even have a few examples to show you.

Soon everyone in Courtesy will be master measuring and putting these skills to good use in baking and cooking so parents better be prepared for amazing food!

Photos of topic maths work


Once again this week, Courtesy has been practising on their glockenspiels! However, we haven’t just been blindly hitting the notes, we’ve been practising and learning all about pitch. As well as learning, the class were also all following Courtesy’s value this week; Collaborative Cat! As we had to share the glockenspiels the children were so good making sure everyone had their turn.

The children practised with pitch first with their voices in a really fun game called ‘Yes and No’ where Courtesy were split into pairs and practised saying yes and no to each other in all sorts of silly voices and pitches to get them to think about how we can use these to make mundane things so music more interesting.

Just like in English with our adjectives, we use pitch to make our work far more interesting in music. Instead of just playing the same sounding note again and again, we can change the pitch of our notes, such as playing a high C note or a low C note. Once the children had understood the importance of pitch their playing was levelled-up so much; it was like a difference class all together!

Overall Courtesy were yet again amazing musicians and did some amazing recapping at the end about all of these music learning from the past few terms. Absolutely fantastic work from Courtesy once more. 

Photos of music work

Stone Age to Iron Age

After our amazing Easter break, the children of Courtesy were eager to come back into the classroom and start learning about our new topic; Stone Age to Iron Age!

To kick off our brand subject we first had the amazing chance to get Hands on History with some amazing artefacts! We had a carousel full of different, unique objects the children were able to get up close and personal with. These ranged from pottery, to animal bones (like the ones we saw at Wildwood!), to money and even some hunter axes! While studying, the children were always asking themselves so many questions such as what the objects were, why they were made, what are the made of, who used them and so many more. For some objects we just don’t know the answers, so the children had to use their imagination, intuition and critical thinking to try and work it out.

Once we had finished, the children were wanting even more. I think a few of them may even be starting to wear Indiana Jones-style hats!

Photos of children doing artefact handling

Firefighter Assembly

This week, Courtesy Class was very lucky to have a visit by some of the bravest and best public servants in this country; the Fire Department!

The children were first ‘grilled’ (pun intended) on their own knowledge of fire safety and precautions. After that, the amazing presenters then talked about vital fire knowledge and demonstrated their really cool fire suits.

Everyone learned something at the end of our talk (even the adults!) and we were all better off for it. I think some were even inspired to grow up and become firefighters.

Photos of firefighter assembly