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Term 5


We learned why trade was so important during the Stone Age. People didn't have access to everything so they would have to swap items they had plenty of for other items. This could have been clothing, food or tools. In Integrity, we had to make a Stone Age soup, but we didn't have all the ingredients. So, we went around and traded some ingredients for others.

Photos of trade role play

Skara Brae

In year 3, we have been learning about the settlement Skara Brae and how the people of the Stone Age built their houses. We recreated some of these using the materials we could find on the school field. We gathered sticks and stones to build the shelter, then covered them with dry grass for extra protection.

Photos of children gathering shelter materials


In English, we built more complex sentences using fronted adverbials - these are always followed with a comma! We will continue to work on these, and include some in our Big Writes!

Photos of English work

Artefact Handling

This week in Integrity, we have been looking at some artefacts from the Stone Age. We learned that they used these tools for hunting, making fires and for decoration. We also learned about Scara Brae - a settlement in Scotland where the first houses were built of stone - even the chairs and beds were made of stone!

Photos of children artefact handling

Stone Age

We have travelled back in time to the Stone Age! As our learning lift-off, we explored the different foods that people ate during the Stone Age - nuts, fruits, meats and fish were hunted or gathered for them to eat. We tried some fresh berries and honey - lots of us were Adventurous Aardvarks by trying new foods.
We conducted some research on our computers, and even went foraging on the field - we found dandelions and nettles!

Photos of children learning about stone age