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Priory Fields School

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Term 5

Our targets this term are:

Maths: I can recall the 8 times tables and its related division facts.
Writing: I can use the correct homophone in the correct context.
Reading: I can explain the purpose of a text and discuss the author’s choice of vocabulary.

Integrity class welcome you to Term 5

After a refreshing and relaxing Easter holiday, we were all keen to see our friends and continue to develop our knowledge, skills and understanding. It has been interesting to look more closely at what we do each day and decide whether we are learning facts, acquiring a new skill or adding to our understanding of the world around us.

Photo of child holding up work

Amazing illustrations of a synagogue, Integrity class, showing respect to the beliefs of others.

Photo of children showing their work

Spotted by Mrs Wheeler! These two children have been working together on this amazing learning. Just like our Collaborative cats! Everyone Achieving Together!

From Stone Age to Iron Age

Our new Creative Curriculum topic is ‘From Stone Age to Iron Age’. We jumped straight in by going outside to discover what it must have been like to be ‘gatherers’ and what meals we think could have been prepared from the natural resources found.  We had great fun, but were not convinced that we would have looked forward to eating what we prepared!! What do you think?

Photos of the children being 'hunter'gatherers' and making a 'meal' with what they collectedAfter seeing this bird’s nest and finding many millipedes, ants and snails, we decided that maybe there were more things that could be put on the plate!!

Cartoons of hunter gatherers

During English, whilst reading Stone Age Boy, we discovered that reindeer were also on the menu!

Topic Maths

In Topic Maths we have been exploring the mass of objects around us. Estimating which were the heaviest was sometimes easy and other times, even with our eyes closed, was difficult. Our estimations were then confirmed using a selection of weights.

Photos of the children's topic maths learningNumber Maths

In Number Maths we have explored subtraction and our times tables using a variety of different methods. We know there are always different ways we can do calculations and are familiar with all the resources we can use. As we are Adventurous Aardvarks, our confidence is growing all the time.

Photos of the children's number maths learning


 PSHE lessons we have started to think about what ‘communities’ may be, what they offer us and what we can offer to the community. We had some good ideas as to what it may mean and were surprised to know how many communities we belong to. How many do you belong to?

Photo of Community display