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Priory Fields School

Priory FieldsSchool

Term 5

Our targets this term are:

Reading: To discuss and express our views on a range of poetry.
Writing: To use a range of sentence types in my writing.
Maths: To draw simple pictures to help solve mental maths problems.

Mystery Bugs / Butterfly Updates 

The mystery bugs have transformed into their final stage and we now know what they are! We made some fabulous predictions when they first arrived a few weeks ago. We can now reveal that the mystery bugs are indeed: Ladybirds!

Photos of bugs

Exciting news in Honesty class this week! Our caterpillars have recently turned into their chrysalides! Here they will stay before emerging as beautiful butterflies. On Friday afternoon, two of the chrysalides broke and out has emerged a beautiful butterflies. We are so thrilled!

Wellbeing Wednesday

On Wednesday this week, we had a whole day thinking about our feelings and how we can help our minds remain healthy. We were lucky to be visited by a lady who took us on  yoga journey to help relax us.

In class we drew around our bodies, thinking about where we feel all our feelings and the impact it has on our bodies. We also made some glitter sensory bottle to use as an aid to help us calm down or relax. We had a very enjoyable day.

Photos of children taking part in Wellbeing Wednesday activities

Bugs & Beasties Topic

This term we are learning all about Bugs and Beasties.

Photo of bugs area

We have taken a habitat walk to the top field and to the bottom playground to search for Bugs and Beasties. We threw a hoop on the floor to see what we could see. We learnt that the smaller bugs like living near the playground, whereas some bugs like living amongst the long leaves and grass.Photos of bug hunt on school grounds

Exciting news for Honesty Class! Our caterpillars and mystery bugs have arrived. We have been using the magnifying glasses to take a closer look.

Photos of children examining bugs

Take a look at the mystery bug. Can you make a prediction on what you think they will grow into? So far we have thought: woodlouse, earwig and ladybird.

PSHE Eggs-periment

For PSHE we have been talking about keeping ourselves healthy. We undertook an experiment using eggs, to look at how different levels of sugar affect our teeth. We left raw eggs in cups of water, Coca-Cola, vinegar and orange juice. The results were amazing and we learnt that too much sugar and not enough brushing can cause damage to your teeth. Have a try at home and see the results for yourself!

Photos of egg experiment