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Priory Fields School

Priory FieldsSchool

Term 5

Bug Cakes

We decorated cakes and added rice paper bugs and beasties of our choice. We had to talk about everything we knew about our bug or beastie, we hope you like our clips!













Baby Birds Update

They are actually blue tits, we found 5 of them. They have been taken to a sanctuary for wildlife where they will be looked after. They were found on the playground in the gutter behind the container, we think the high winds blew them out of their nest. 

Photos of baby birds being fed


Photos of butterfly release

We watched the caterpillars grow and change.

They grew a chrysalis around them and then they emerged.

When they came out they had to be very still so the wings could dry.

We released them into the wild today.

Baby Birds

We wrote about the baby birds we found. A very kind lady is looking after them for us.

She has sent us a video and photos

Photos of baby birds writing


Big Idea

Our big idea this term is

Do we all need the same things to live?

Bugs poster

  • We will be exploring habitats
  • Skills that humans learn as they grow and develop
  • We will be investigating bugs and beasties around us
  • We will be exploring the schools grounds using directional skills to navigate

Exploring Bugs & Beasties in the School Grounds

We have been exploring bugs and beasties.

We went to the top field and observed we drew any bugs we saw.

We observed:

Ants, a bee, a wasp, a snail and some flying insects that were very small.

The conditions were dry and cool but it was sunny.

Photos of children searching for bugs in school grounds

Bugs & Beasties Topic

Our topic this term is bugs and beasties we are learning this amazing poem by Brian Moses

Look at the things the bugs are doing in the bathroom!

This poem is so funny we love reading about the things they are getting up to!

Photo of vocabulary  learned