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Term 5

WW2 Topic

All of the staff in Year 6 would like to say a massive thank you to all the pupils for their resilience, determination and hard work during SATS revision and testing. They were a joy to work with and we are very proud of their collaboration and the responsibilities they shouldered. Thank you.

Photos of bunting

Despite a great deal of effort devoted to SATS, Year 6 have been enjoying researching World War II with our focus being ‘On the home front’. We have been looking at propaganda posters, rationing and work on the home front.

Photos of WW2 work

We have also researched the Blitz and we enjoyed a wonderful VE Day party with traditional games, music and food. We really enjoyed presenting some of our learning with the assembly.

Photos of WW2 VE Day party

Photos of WW2 art work


Photos of Microbits