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Priory Fields School

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Term 5

Our targets this term are:

Reading: Use evidence from the text to make inferences.
Writing: Edit the spelling, punctuation and grammar in our writing.
Maths: Use a range of mathematical skills to answer calculations.

VE Day

To finish off our topic on World War 2, year 6 had a learning landing afternoon. We played some 1940s games, including marbles and tin can alley. We also had a World War 2 street party, where we enjoyed some delicious Victoria sponge (made by our amazing chef Martin) and tried some ginger beer, all whilst listening to some 1940s songs.

Photos of children taking part in VE Day celebrations

Photos of children playing WW2 era games

WW2 Hook Day

We have continued our World War 2 topic by having a World War 2 on the Home Front day. We had some fabulous costumes, and we even renamed our children for the day using traditional 1940s names. Children all created a Wartime Carrot Cake, which was delicious, and we created hand-sewn bags.

Photos of children's WW2 day - clothing and food