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Priory Fields School

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Term 5

Recycled Art

To finish off our learning about ‘Our Plastic Planet’ we invited our families into school to help us create our own recycled artwork. We had a great time and look at all our fantastic creations!

Photos of art made from recycled plastic

Vegetarian Pie Making

As part of Vegetarian week, we created Party Pies. We received all of the ingredients, including red peppers, spring onion, lentils and vegetarian meatballs and then followed a video to create our party pies, we made two each and even took home the recipe card for us to create them again. They were delicious!

Photos of children making pies

Year 4 WWF

Year 4 took part in a live lesson with the WWF. We learnt about the impact of climate change on the oceans and how animals are being affected and some becoming extinct due to the actions of humans. We came up with some different ideas as to how we could help save these species.

Photos of Year 4 WWF live lesson

Dangers of Plastics Posters

We have created persuasive adverts to inform everyone about the danger of plastic for our planet.

Photos of plastics pollution posters


We have been using glockenspiels to rehearse and then perform a short piece of music, written on a stave. Later this term, we will be performing as an ensemble, each playing different parts.

Photos of children learning music

Natural History Museum Trip

Year 4 had a fantastic time at the Natural History Museum in London. We saw the skeleton of a blue whale, models of many different animals in their habitats and we were lucky enough to find Happy Hippo in the museum too! We took part in a submarine workshop and travelled to 3000m below sea level – it was really dark and incredibly cold down there!

Photos of children at Natural History Museum

We travelled on the coach through central London and even recognised some famous landmarks including Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament and the London Eye.

Photos of London from coach

Our Plastic Planet Topic

At a time when transport and communication can connect the world in more ways than ever before, what we buy and what we consume can have a profound impact on the lives and societies of people and wildlife of the world. To be a global citizen is to become a part of something bigger than ourselves. Each of us has a responsibility to the communities which we are a part of – to respect each other’s cultures and needs, to support one another and ensure that we work together locally, nationally and globally. As geographers and scientists, who protect our spectacular planet, we are going on a journey through our seas and oceans, explaining the impact us humans have on the environment. Along our way, we will discover the impact of this plastic waste and be inspired to create sculptures using discarded plastic and writing persuasively to campaign against it. 

To begin our topic on ‘Our Plastic Planet’, we have been litter picking in Tower Hamlets to help keep our local community clean and tidy. We collected lots of rubbish and made sure that it was put into the bin.

Photos of children litter picking