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Term 6


We have also experimented with a new presentation format in Computing called Sway. We completed a couple of presentations; one about the Ancient Egyptians and one of our choice. In these we had to create a title page with an image; a page with a caption and images, and embed a stack and powerpoint. Here are examples of our first go at it. We were really impressed!


As part of our Music lessons, we improvised on our recorders along to the jazz music of Jake Henderson ‘Relaxin' At Camarillo’. We worked individually on our improvisation, thinking about the duration, loudness and types of notes we wanted to incorporate. We each played ours and then came together to play.

We also took part in the Big Reveal Singing at Charlton Church. We sang songs from the last 11 decades, including We don’t talk about Bruno (our favourite), 500 miles, Uptown Girl, My heart will go on (really hard!) and This is me.


Last week we had a science week; our key question was ‘How can we change materials?’  We investigated whether gas has a weight, the viscosity of different liquids and why and how chocolate and ice can melt at different rates.

During these lessons we focused on making predictions, recording measurements, explaining what a fair test is and writing a conclusion.

We finished by designing our own investigation about ice and working independently to make it a fair test and draw a conclusion from our findings.

Photos of children doing science experiment


Pizza Making

Does everything change? What is the impact of change? Once something has changed, can it be undone? This term, we will consider some of the changes around us and investigate what causes them. We will begin the term as historians, exploring how Dover has changed over time. We will use old photos of our town and take a trip to Dover Seafront to compare the changes that have taken place, asking questions about the causes and consequences of the changes.  We will consider the impact these changes have had on our lives. As scientists, we will continue to investigate change by learning about solids, liquids and gases. We will explore, discuss, test and develop ideas about changing states of matter by carrying out investigations involving freezing and heating. We will work scientifically by asking questions about what we want to find out the answer to, and decide how is best to investigate a question. We will plan, carryout and record simple and fair tests, observing changes over time. We will then present our findings and draw conclusions about changes that are taking place.  We will put our learning about changing states of matter into action, by making a savoury snack.

Photos of pizza making

As our Learning Lift-off we tested different pizzas to see what we liked or didn’t like and then we designed our own. A few days later, we created our own pizza from scratch, observing how the ingredients changed during the process. To do this we measured, sprinkled, kneaded, poured, stretched, pulled our pizzas into shape, arranged our toppings and finally TASTED.

Photos of pizza making

Words we used to describe them were:

Yummy, delicious, scrumptious, tasty,

Photos of children eating their pizzas


The Big Reveal Singing Event

Year 4 took part in The Big Reveal Singing Event at Charlton Church. We had a great time singing along to classic songs from the last 11 decades. Our favourites included 500 Miles, This is Me and We Don’t talk about Bruno.

Photos of children at Big Reveal singing event