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Priory Fields School

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Term 6

Our targets this term are:

Reading: To make predictions about characters and events in a text.
Maths: To recall the multiplication and related division facts up to the 12 times tables.
Writing: To correct spell high frequency and keywords correctly in my writing.


In our science topic on changing states, we have created posters to explain the water cycle, experimented with freezing several liquids differing in viscosity and have tested our predictions further on slope tests. We are really getting to grips with solids, liquids and gasses!

Photos of children's science experiments and work


Our class reader, the Butterfly Lion finds Bertie in the trenches and in a sorry state. We have been writing as Bertie to Millie back home and it has been emotional!

Photo of child's English work

Litter Picking

Another team of dedicated litter-picking enthusiasts march out to the local park to save our planet (and park) from being buried in litter and single-use plastic – ably assisted by Mrs Macintosh.

Photo of children litter picking

Water Cycle

Take a look at our water cycle display!

Photo of water cycle display


Justice Class have enjoyed working with fractions for the first time in ages. We are looking at equivalent fractions and fractions of amounts and we all enjoy it.

Photo of child doing fractions work


As part of our science work this term, we have been looking at the viscosity of liquids and relating it to particle formation. We couldn’t test the tomato sauces’ viscosity as it was so slow it dried up in the baking hot sun.

Photo of tomato sauce experiment

Some members of our class demonstrate the differences between solids, liquids and gases.

Butterfly Lion

We are reading the Butterfly Lion by Michael Morpurgo, we made predictions about what will happen in the story.

Photo of Butterfly Lion work Photo of Butterfly Lion work


Take a look at our fantastic Changes display!

Photo of changes display


Justice Class are preparing to solve the litter problem on our coastline. A quick practice and then were off next week.

Photos of children collecting litter Photos of children collecting litter


In science this term, we are looking at changing states. To start our topic, we put different matter in to solids, liquids and gases.

Photo of science work


Year 4 really enjoyed the NHS roadshows’ ‘Fantastic Fred’s Guide to Mental Wellbeing’. We learnt how to take care of ourselves and we produced booklets to celebrate our new knowledge.

Photos of children's wellbeing work