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Priory Fields School

Priory FieldsSchool

Term 6

Our targets this term are:

Reading: To make comparisons within and across different texts.
Writing: To edit and improve my spelling, punctuation and grammar in my writing.
Maths: To explain my reasoning using appropriate mathematical vocabulary.

Connaught Park

As a treat for the end of year 6, we went to Connaught Park for the afternoon. We enjoyed a picnic together on the grass and then spent the afternoon on the play equipment, playing football and a enjoying a game of rounders. We had a great time!

Photos of children at Connaught Park

Sports Day

Year 6 had a great time on the field for our sports day. We took part in running races and the egg and spoon race. We cheered on the winners and were rewarded with an ice-cream after our afternoon of sport!

Photos of sports day


We have been investigating and exploring volume in our maths lessons. Year 6 were set the challenge of making as many cubes or cuboids with the same volume, but a different height.

Photos of children learning about volume

Brockhill Park

We visited Brockhill Country Park, were we took part in two activities – geo-caching and building a structure in the stream. We learnt how to build a safe fire and then we melted marshmallows. They were delicious! It was a muddy day, and we had loads of fun sliding across the muddy fields. We really enjoyed working as teams to complete the activities.

Photos of children at Brockhill Park

Buster's Book Club - Term 6 Week 5

A huge WELL DONE to Democracy class, who have been the most improved readers across Kent this week!

Buster's Book Club certificate

Life On Earth

To begin our topic of Life on Earth, we used toilet roll to create a timeline of major events in the Earth’s history. Each piece of toilet paper represented 100 million years!

Photos of children making timeline with toilet rollAfter investigating Fibonacci’s Series in class, we went onto the school playground and field to find different types of flowers. We counted the number of petals on the flowers to see whether we could find evidence of Fibonacci’s Series in nature. As you can see from our work, we did find some matches between the number of petals and this mathematical sequence.

Photos of the children outside finding flowers