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Meet our Eco-Responsible Raccoons!

We are keen to promote an eco-friendly environment at Priory Fields and throughout the Whinless Down Academy.  The problem is, it can be difficult with a large building and busy staff.  That's where our Eco-Responsible Raccoons spring into action!  They are a group, formed by one member of each class, who will be taking on the responsibility of making sure that lights and equipment is switched off and windows are closed.

Our Eco-Responsible Raccoons can be easily recognised by their new badges! We wish them well in their role and will report back with their achievements.  See our Eco-Defenders page on the Whinless Down website for more information about our other eco initiatives!

Photos of Eco-Respnsible Raccoons


One of our Eco-Responsible Raccoons has been busy making friendly reminders for classes to remind them to turn off electrical items when not in use!

Photo of eco signs