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Priory Fields School

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Advocates and Sports Ambassadors

Children in Year 6 have the opportunity to apply to become advocates and ambassadors.  In this role, they help in a number of areas around the school. Our advocates wear their blazer with pride and act as role models to all children.

Some of our advocates are 'Sports Ambassadors', they have additional sporting responsibilities.

Our Head Girl and Head Boy also take part in school council. 

Advocate Duties

Our Head Girl has been helping Mrs Wheeler organise the Value Animals.

Meet the Advocates!

Hi, I'm Head Boy.  The reason I wanted to be Head Boy is because I want to help with jobs and with the school.  I love supporting children if they need it I also like to read with the little children so they learn!
Hi, I'm Head Girl!  I really like making people happy.  My favourite value animal is Colaborative Cat because I think you are really kind if you follow it!
Being an advocate is extremely fun and it makes me really happy.  I feel so important and I love doing all the jobs.  I love representing the school.  I am a very happy and bubbly person and I feel I am quite responsible and a Happy Hippo!  I think the values animals are very important.  I would help anyone if they need it, I feel I've proved myself by getting the advocate role!
I am an advocate and I am a pizza guy.
I wanted to be an advocate because I like to help people and make the world a better place.  I believe advocates and other people can be kind to everyone including ourselves.
I wanted to be an advocate because I enjoy representing the school values and helping everyone around the school.  I enjoy this job as I love celebrating people and being helpful to everyone.
I wanted to be an advocate for being a Respectful Rabbit and to represent Priory Fields while helping people.  I want to help people to learn to be kind and guide others to achieve good things.
I am always a Responsible Raccoon and take my advocate job seriously.  I love helping others at any chance I get.  As an advocate, it is my job to take care of our school.  I will set a good example to the younger ones!
I'm an advocate and my job is helping children in PE and sports.
I am an advocate and my favourite value animal is Colaborative Cat because everyone is like a family and should be respectful of each other.
Hi, I'm an advocate.  I always wanted to be one as I love to help other people.  I love Collaborative Cat as it brings people together!
I wanted to be an advocate because I wanted to help out with all sorts of things like helping the headteacher!  I like to support clubs and any child that has a problem.  My favourite value animal is Respectful Rabbit and Responsible Raccoon because I believe that I am both!
Hi, I wanted to become an advocate because I wanted to respect the school and show values, my favourite value animal is Responsible Raccoon.
  Hi, I like to help support people by checking up and making sure they're ok.  My favourite value animal is Collaborative Cat because it helps me be collaborative with people!