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Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

Anti-bullying Ambassador Diana Award logo

Our anti-bullying ambassadors attended their second Diana Award training session on 12th March 2021, which means they have had 6 hours of training in total.

  • How to identify if incidents are bullying behaviour or 'unpleasant, nasty or unkind behaviour '
  • They know the three types of bullying behaviour
  • They know the signs that indicates someone may be experiencing bullying behaviour
  • How to respond to incidents of bullying behaviour

Alongside the anti-bullying ambassadors these adults will be supporting them on their journey:

Mrs Martin Mrs Carruthers Mrs Goldfinch and Mrs Wheeler

They are very excited to share the information they have learned and lead campaigns across the school to support the Anti bullying project. 

From one of our ambassadors:

As anti-bullying ambassadors, our job is to help.  We have already started training with the amazing organisation The Diana Award.  We look forward to helping the school community and others.

Further information about the Diana award can be found by following this link:

Anti-Bullying - From The Diana Award - The Diana Award (


Term 5 

An update from the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors about this term:

We made a poster (we're also going to do one for Y3) and have been putting up new displays.  'True Authentic Self', looking at value animals and they are Happy Hippo, Open-minded Octopus, Adventurous Aardvark and Aspirational Ant.

Pictures of the values animals

Meet The Team!

Hi! We're the Anti-bullying Ambassadors for this year! Welcome to our page of the school website!

Photos of our AB Ambassadors

Term 3

Anti-Bullying Badges

This term we are working towards our Well Being badge:

Photos of antibullying badges

Anti-Bullying Board Updates

See below for a picture of our board!

Our words are bystander upstander and anti bullying 

We will be helping classes this term understand what these words mean and sharing ideas of HOW to be an upstander, how to spot the signs that someone is experiencing bullying behaviour and who to speak to about it.

Photos of writing on the AB Board

We have also reminded everyone about the previous work we have done on anti bullying

The three types of bullying behaviour and how bullying behaviour makes people feel.

We have been working on sharing what priory fields children have learned from anti bullying week. We have a special focus on well being as we are working towards out well being badge from the Diana award.

We have been busy creating posters to be displayed outside every classroom so people know who the anti bullying ambassadors are.

Look out for out flyer which is coming soon!


From our Ambassadors:

We upgraded the upstairs Anti-Bullying display.

Do you remember how to be an upstander?

Photo of A/B Ambassadors and their display board Photo of A/B Ambassador working on poster

Term 2 - Anti-Bullying Week

Week beginning 15th November is Anti bullying Week at Priory Fields.  As you can imagine this is a very busy week for us!  Here we are getting ready for the week, check back soon for some pictures of the week's activities:

Photos of children preparing for AB week

Term 2 - Our Board

Make sure you check our noticeboard in the top corridor for the latest info about our activities!

Photo of A/B Ambassaors' Board

Term 2 - Meeting

5th November

We held our meeting.  We planned Anti-Bullying Week (w/b 15th November) and we got an email from the Diana Award saying that we will get our badges soon!  We are excited to plan the ways we are going to stop bullying!

Term 1 - Assembly

In assembly we learnt about indirect bullying.  We opened envelopes containing statements of types of bullying behaviour.  One was repeated, for example rolling your eyes at someone.  The next was repeated again and was making fun of someone to others or mocking them.  There were also more.  Collaborative Cat was there and Mrs Wheeler said that Collaborative Cat can help with anti-bullying as we all collaborate with each other.

Below is a video, which tells you more about the Diana Award: