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Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

Anti-bullying Ambassador Diana Award logoPhoto of Anti-bullying AmbassadorsAnti-bullying Ambassador Diana Award logo

Our anti-bullying ambassadors attended their second Diana Award training session on 12th March 2021, which means they have had 6 hours of training in total.

  • How to identify if incidents are bullying behaviour or 'unpleasant, nasty or unkind behaviour '
  • They know the three types of bullying behaviour
  • They know the signs that indicates someone may be experiencing bullying behaviour
  • How to respond to incidents of bullying behaviour

Alongside the anti-bullying ambassadors these adults will be supporting them on their journey:

Mrs Martin Mrs Carruthers Mrs Goldfinch and Mrs Wheeler

They are very excited to share the information they have learned and lead campaigns across the school to support the Anti bullying project. 

From one of our ambassadors:

As anti-bullying ambassadors, our job is to help.  We have already started training with the amazing organisation The Diana Award.  We look forward to helping the school community and others.

Further information about the Diana award can be found by following this link:

Anti-Bullying - From The Diana Award - The Diana Award (

Term 6

Friendly Friday

Here's on of our ambassadors to introduce Friendly Friday!

June 2021 - An update on what we've done so far:

Made worry boxes, ordered benches and designed an armband.

Mrs Wheeler ordered some fabric and we cut it and covered the worry box tables.  It looks attractive and helps to focus on the importance of anti-bullying!

We decided to make an armband for all the anti-bullying ambassadors, which includes all four badges and the silhouette of Diana.  During the design process we learnt how to crop images.  We combined everyone's fantastic ideas and we are very proud of our work. With some help we made it look even better.

Photo of antibullying ambassador holding logo design Photo of antibullying ambassador holding logo desig Photo of antibullying ambassador holding logo desig Photo of antibullying ambassador holding logo desig

We have shared our 3 focus vocabulary words for Term 6 - REPEATED, NEGATIVE & INTENTIONAL and our 3 actions for our wellbeing badge campaign.

Photos of antibullying ambassadors

Term 5

Worry Box

Photo of ambassador holding worry box

One of our ambassadors has made an anti bullying worry box it will put in a place so that people can share their worries. Our trained ambassadors will be able to offer support for their worries or concerns.

Anti-Bullying Assembly Preparation

Photo of anti-bullying ambassadors making resources Photo of anti-bullying ambassadors making resources

The anti bullying ambassadors are preparing and making resources for them to use in their assembly!

They are using the skills and vocabulary they have learned in their training to share with the rest of the school.

They have been rehearsing and filming and are eager to drive change and support everyone in the Priory Fields community.

Their assembly will be coming soon!

Below is a video, which tells you more about the Diana Award: