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Here you will find information about Physical Education at Priory Fields. 

                                Drawing of Mr Cotter & Miss Critcher

Our Academy Sports Lead is Mr Cotter & our Academy Sports Coach is Miss Critcher.

Mr Cotter

Mr Cotter is our PE leader across the Whinless Down Academy, he teaches PE lessons, leads sporting after school clubs and organises 'intra and inter-school' events and competitions at Priory Fields.   

In his spare time, he enjoys watching football and playing tennis, and has recently taken up running to keep fit. His true sporting passion is playing and coaching cricket, and has done in Kent, Cheshire, New Zealand and Australia.

During his time teaching physical education in primary schools, he has grown to love netball and gymnastics, two sports that require great balance, agility, coordination and endurance.

Miss Critcher

Miss Critcher is one of our Sports Coaches who works across the Whinless Down Academy. Miss Critcher teaches PE lessons to all year groups and teaches a range of exciting after school clubs.

Miss Critcher is currently coaching and training on a competitive cheerleading team, who have recently received a bid to compete at the World Championship competition. The passion and love for sport started for Miss Critcher at a young age, competing as a County and Regional gymnast.

In her spare time, she enjoys running long distances as she feels it is important to continue to improve her stamina and strength.

While teaching physical education in primary schools, her passion for other sports have increased especially in Athletics and Netball. Miss Critcher continues to feel inspired during P.E lessons by all of the students she teaches across the academy.

Whinless Down Academy Triathlon Competition.

During the final week of Spring term, each child across the academy took part in the Whinless Down Academy Triathlon Competition. Due to current circumstances, this was the first chance the children have had to compete in an intra academy event since October, and they were all fiercely competitive in representing Priory Fields.  

All children took part in three events;  

  • Shuttle Run – Running continuously for 2 minutes, going from one side of the hall to the other (10 metres) as many times as possible. 
  • Target Throw – Throwing bean bags, seeing how many times they could land the bags in the target zone in two minutes. 
  • Speed bounce/Bunny Hops – Jumping two footed over a bench as many times as possible in two minutes.    

Not only did the children compete with a great attitude, they encouraged classmates and helped Mr Cotter keep and record scores.  

After adding all the scores up from all three schools, Priory Fields were announced Whinless Down Academy Triathlon Champions, with our friends at St Martins and Vale View finishing 2nd and 3rd respectively. Well done to all children across the academy, Mr Cotter, Miss Critcher and all your adults at school are extremely proud!  

Betteshanger Trip

In October, both Justice and Tolerance Class (year 5) visited Betteshanger Country Park in Deal to take part in some outdoor adventurous activities. We were extremely lucky on both days that the rain stayed away and we completed all our activities in nice autumnal weather. 

All children took part in Archery, listening attentively to the safety briefing and learning the correct technique, before shooting arrows at the target from around 8 metres. We also took part in a fun activity called Geocaching, following a GPS device around the park looking for hidden clues. The final activity was biking, with lots of children learning to ride and the ones that already could, were taken on an adventure around the park….covering themselves in mud in the process! Thanks to the staff at the Park for a thoroughly enjoyable day, we’re hoping to take year 5 sailing later on in the year.

Photo: child taking part in archery Photo: children taking part in orienteering Photo: children taking part in orienteering Photo: children taking part in orienteering

Photo: children taking part in cycling Photo: children taking part in cycling Photo: children taking part in cycling  

Year 5 were very lucky that Mr Cotter organised them a great trip to Betteshanger Park to train to be settlers on a new planet! We learned vital survival skills including: archery, orienteering and cycling. All the children were very well behaved and showed our school values perfectly. We were collaborative cats as we found our way with GPS devices, open minded octopi when we had to learn to ride bikes and pick ourselves up after we fell over, adventurous aardvarks when we tried out all the new skills and ended the day as happy hippos back in school with a range of new skills in our belts!

Photo: child performing archery Photo: children orienteering Photo: child orienteering