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We have a very active school council here at Priory Fields, with children who are in years 3 to 6 elected to represent their class on the school council and Years R-2 are represented by a year 6 child who speaks on their behalf. 

"I promise to do my best, I am proud that I have been elected as a school councillor. I will take my role seriously and am committed to the school and the school council. I will always uphold the school values and encourage others to do so. I will be a positive role model for the school and will wear my jumper with pride."

Hi, I'm Head Boy.  The reason I wanted to be Head Boy is because I want to help with jobs and with the school.  I love supporting children if they need it I also like to read with the little children so they learn!
Hi, I'm Head Girl!  I really like making people happy.  My favourite value animal is Colaborative Cat because I think you are really kind if you follow it!
Hi, I'm confident in pitching my ideas for all ages and I'm very productive.  I'm councillor for Liberty class.  
Hi, I am adventurous and I want to raise money for charity and change the school.  I like the swimming galas.
Hi, I represent Honesty class in Year 2.  I've been a school councillor before but I'm still excited about being one again.  I can't wait to make the school a better place and I want to stop bullying for good!
I represent Courtesy Class. I like to play mini golf and I'm looking forward to helping my friends make the school better!
Hi, I'm looking forward to finding new ways to get money for charities.
Hi, I represent Caring class in Year R.  I'm really confident and kind.  I'm a Resepectful Rabbit and Collaborative Cat.  I am aspiring to be a better school councillor.
Hi, I already love being a school councillor, I'm confident and happy to do things to help.  We are changing the school and that's what matters!  I want to raise money for charity.
Hi, I like helping people, I'm a little shy but I am being brave!
Hi, like to throw my ideas about and I want to raise money for charity.  I have good days and bad days and I'm not shy!
Hi, I'm excited to raise money for charity!
  I'm looking forward to raising money for charities.  I am excited to make good changes for our school!
  I'm looking forward to being in the school council and I like earning money for charity and homeless people and organising events.  I like eating apples!
  Hi, I'm happy to be a school councillor again, I was before in Year 4.  I'm good at helping the community and raising money!





This year our chosen charity is Dover Riverside Centre.  We chose this charity as it links to our school values and the things they do to help our community reflect our school mission statement:

Mission Statement picture

From the Riverside Centre:

The Riverside Dover is an independent local charity which is a community hub for the residents of Dover.

Our dedicated staff and volunteers enable us to offer a range of services in Dover and the surrounding rural areas, we offer social opportunities, activities, lunches and a snack bar Monday to Friday, as well as other essential services for the whole community

Promoting dynamic services, support and activities which help adults share and enjoy a richer community and personal life. 01304 207 268.

We hope you will help support us in our fundraising for this important charity this year, look out for details of our events on this page, the weekly newsletter and School Comms.


23rd May 2023 - Achievements so far

Our school councillors have been reflecting on their achievements so far this year.  Here are some of them:

We put poppies on the school gates, we raised money for Children In Need.  We also organised and attended the bingo event. I shared information with my class and took their ideas to share with the School Council.

The events organised by the School Council have included: poppies on the gate, rasing money for Children in Need, helping at the Christmas Fair and organising and attending the Bingo event.

We put poppies out on the gate and raised money for Children In Need.  We did a Christmas fair and Bingo event.

This year for School Council have have put poppies on the school gate, raised money for Children In Need, organised a Bingo night and helped at the Christmas fair.  We also took suggestions from class to share at meetings.

23rd January 2023 - Eco Update

We are appointing Eco-Responsible Raccoons to ensure busy teachers and classes have turned off electrical items when they aren't in class and will be supporting them when they haven't.

We will be returning unclaimed printing to their classes and are currently thinking of ways to reduce our paper usage. Updates to follow!

9th January 2023 - Attendance Assembly

We held a whole-school assembly where we announced our new attendance reward.  To try to improve attendance we are awarding a Thursday afternoon trampoline session for the most improved class each week. 

Photo of attendance presentation

To see our complete presentation, please scroll down to the attachments at the bottom of this page!

5th January 2023 - Our First Meeting of 2023!

We discussed a new attendance award for the most improved class, a trampolining treat! Our Head Advocates will also be writing to The Riverside Centre to tell them that they are our chosen charity.  We looked at the Bingo flyer and some members were chosen to distribute the posters tomorrow.  The Academy Eco Group wrote us an email asking us to inform classes about a poster competition, we will also be sharing the exciting news about a poetry competition with classes!

See our minutes below for details!


Our charity bingo night is approaching, here is the flyer:

Bingo Night Flyer

8th November 2022 - Spotty Day - SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!!!

Our spotty day for Children in Need was a great success.  We raised over £300 for this amazing charity!  Thank you everyone who donated!

18th November 2022 - Car Park

I helped Mr Godfrey make a flyer for the car park as we are trying to get as many teachers and TAs to park in the car park to keep to road clear and safer.

Car park flyer

3rd November 2022 - Children in Need poster making

We got helped Mr Godfrey make a poster for Children in Need. 

You can view our poster below!

Children in Need poster

1st November 2022 - Second Meeting of the Year

Today, we held our second meeting of the year.  We looked at the Poppy Project flyer, and were happy with it, so some members will be helping Mrs Wheeler to display it around the school.  Charity suggestions were put to a vote and Riverside, which supports older people in our community, was chosen as a charity of the year.  We also decided that we will hold a Bingo night in January, so watch this space for details!

From our Equality representative:

I have laminated the posters for Poppy Day and helped put them up around the school!

Photo of poppy flyer

27th September 2022 - First Meeting of the Year

On 27th September, following our recent whole-school election, we held our first meeting.  We got to know each other a little bit and discussed some ideas for reducing single-use plastics and possible charities to support this year.  Two members were chosen to help Mr Godfrey make a flyer for our Poppy Project, which will be shared at the next meeting. 

16th September 2022 - Election

Following our recent election, we're looking forward to doing our bit to improve the school and make our mark on Priory Fields!