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Priory Fields School

Priory FieldsSchool

Term 1

Topic Maths

In topic maths we have been learning about quadrilaterals and how to sort them into groups. 

Photos of children learning maths

Creative Curriculum

During creative curriculum lessons, we have been making prints using polystyrene and pencils, then painting and printing them onto paper. We had to write an evaluation about what we liked, disliked and what we would improve on next time.

Photos of children's printing work

Fossils Topic

We kicked off our learning about fossils with a fun experiment - we put Playdoh into a container which represented the sea bed and had some pasta shells to represent an animal. We then covered it all with sand and water - this was the ocean. We discussed that over time, the animal skeletons were forced further down, which then imprinted on the rock to make fossils.

Photos of fossils experiment

Topic Maths

In topic maths we have been recapping our learning of shape - we identified 2D shapes and described some of their properties, including the number of sides and corners. We improved our vocabulary by discussing curved and straight sides.

Photos of 3D shapes work

Number Maths
In number maths, we have been revisiting place value - understanding that digits in different places have different values. We used dienes and pictures to represent this.

Photos of number work