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Priory Fields School

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Term 1

Roman Soldier Reports

We have created non-chronological reports about Roman Soldiers. We included lots of facts and then added decoration to make the report attractive to the reader.

Photos of Romans work

Digestive System

As our learning landing for our Science topic of The Digestive System, we have created 3d models of the digestive system and labelled up the important parts.

Photos of digestive system work


We have been busy preparing for our Harvest Festival. We have created artwork and worked in pairs to write poems linked to harvest and autumn.

Photos of children making harvest poems

Photos of children's harvest work

Completing Our Romans Topic

To complete our work on The Romans, we created final presentations as part of our learning landing to answer our key question of ‘What impact did the Romans coming to Britain have on our lives today?’ We created models to show the many legacies of the Romans, designed posters and presented our learning using songs, raps and acting.

Photos of Romans posters

Photos of romans work

Finished Roman Soldier Heads

Look at our finished Roman Soldier heads, we think they are amazing!

Photos of Roman solider heads

Roman Mosaics

The Romans decorated their houses with mosaics, we used glass tiles, grout and sealant to create our own modern versions of this art form based upon our school values. Can you spot Open-Minded Octopus and Respectful Rabbit?

Photos of children making mosaics

Photos of finished mosaics


We have been investigating symmetry using pegboards to create symmetrical patterns.

Photos of symmetry work

Roman Roads

We have investigated two of the legacies of the Roman Empire in Britain – Roman roads and architecture. We used rocks, stones, gravel and sand to build our own roads – making them as flat and strong as possible and we have found different features of the architecture, including pillars, columns and arches.

Photos of children re-creating Roman roads

Reading Champions

We would like to introduce our reading champions for this year!

Photo of Reading Champions


We were lucky enough to spend 30 minutes with a visiting yoga teacher, as part of our PSHE and mindfulness lessons. We learnt about the importance of relaxation and completed moves including 2-person downward facing dog. We all felt calm and ready for the rest of our day afterwards.

Photos of children doing yoga


We used the bibles to find the teaching of Jesus and begin to answer the question – ‘Why is the bible important for Christians today?’

Photos of children reading bibles

Romans Topic

We have used maps of Europe to focus on the spread of the Roman Empire between 210BC and 117AD. This allowed us to see how much of Europe became Roman territory over these 328 years and showed the strength of the Roman army.

Photos of Romans work

What impact did the Romans coming to Britain have on our lives today? Historians suggest that the, ‘Roman invasion of Britain’ was the most significant event ever to happen to the British Isles. It affected our language, our culture, our geography, our architecture and even the way we think. How can we prove this? Nearly 2000 years ago , the Romans came to Britain and changed our country. Throughout our topic, we will explore what life was like in Ancient Rome and investigate how the Roman Empire spread and eventually conquered Britain in 43AD. We will look for evidence of the Romans all around us and consider life in Britain before and after the arrival of the Romans.

Photos of museum trip

To begin our topic on the Romans, Year 4 went to Dover Museum. We had the chance to look at Roman Artefacts, including sandels, oil lamps and roof tiles, we then created Roman soldier heads out of clay. Once the clay is dry, we will be painting our Roman Soldiers to give them extra detail.