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Priory Fields School

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Term 1

The Heart

Year 6 have been continuing our work on the heart, circulation and being fit for life.

Photo of children's heart work

Photos of children's work on being healthy

After some detailed research, we began to understand how the heart worked and were able to label and understand the different parts. This was augmented by a slightly smelly lesson in which we dissected lambs’ hearts so we could clearly see and touch the arteries, ventricles etc. It was a fantastic learning activity but some of us felt a bit queasy.

Photos of children dissecting heart

With all this knowledge and practical experience about the heart, we were able to make our own hearts in science. We also looked at how the heart affects our fitness and we can't wait to start this next stage in our topic.

Photos of children making  a heart


Year 6 enjoyed making fake blood using sweets to represent the red and white blood cells and platelets. We used coloured water to represent the plasma which carried these co mponents.

Photos of blood experiment

Smoothie Making

It has been a brilliant welcome by Year 6 to the start of the term! It is amazing how quickly we have all settled down to our learning.

We have also enjoyed the lift off day to our new topic for term 1 … Fit for Life! All day we discussed and researched different types of super foods that could benefit the health of our heart, lungs, liver, brain and skin. With all this information, we designed our own super food smoothie ingredients and made the smoothies. Some of them were delicious! Our special guest, Mr Curtis from the kitchens, came up to do some Masterchef judging and talk about the health benefits of their ingredients. A lovely lift off.

Photos of Smoothie making work

Photos of Smoothie making work