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Priory Fields School

Priory FieldsSchool

Term 1

What an amazing few weeks, we have been adventurous, taking risks on the assault course, we even changed it, throughout the week to make it even more of a challenge and we have enjoyed testing out new ways of transporting the water to water wall, trying not to spill too much!

Photo - children transporting water     Photo - children assault course     Photo - children assault course

We’ve been working on our team building and the children were challenged to make it across to the other side of the mat, we worked collaboratively, talking to each other and listening to each other ideas, being respectful rabbits.

We’ve also explored our inside area on a number hunt, for numbers 0-10 that we have been learning through the number blocks! We even had a pirate ship indoors and had to find the treasure, using a treasure map. With a change in the weather, we’ve even seen the castle disappear for a few hours due to the fog!  I wonder what excitement we will get up to next term! :)

         Photo - children on number hunt            Photo - children pirate ship     

WOW! We have continued to love exploring our outside environment. We have been practicing our mark making on the chalk outside and creating our own zig zags. IN maths we have been showing off our amazing knowledge of shapes to Mr Mc. We were challenged to name the shapes and talk about them. ‘A circle goes round and round!’

Photo - child learning shapes  Photo - child learning shapes  Photo - child learning shapes  Photo - child learning shapes Photo - child learning shapes  Photo - child drawing on chalk board  Photo - child drawing on chalk board

Wow! What a fantastic first week the children have had, getting to know their new teachers and making friends with the new children in their class and exploring our classroom and outside area.

We have been taking risks on the assault course, making a splash in the water, challenging ourselves to build super tall towers and using our own experiences, to build our own houses and make our own masks, using our imagination as to who we want to be.

We can’t wait to show you what we will be doing in the next couple of weeks as they start their Priory fields journey.

Photo - children building with shapes Photo - child pushing pram Photo - child in outside area Photo - child building with bricks Photo - child making mask Photo - child making mask Photo - child making mask Photo - completed mask Photo - child building with blocks Photo - child in kitchen learning area