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Priory Fields School

Priory FieldsSchool

Term 1

Tiger Hunt

Superb learning has been taking place in EYFS! We have continued to hunt for the tiger but we have not been successful…if you see a tiger around Dover please let us know! We have been completing puzzles from our story and we have been retelling it. What Collaborative Cats we were when we retold it!

Photos of children's tiger hunt

The Tiger who came to….. Priory Fields!

This Term we are looking at the Tiger who came to tea by Judith Kerr.

And this week the tiger…. escaped from the Zoo and came to find some food in our classroom….

He turned our tables upside down and left paw prints everywhere in the flour that he knocked off the table!

We managed to catch him on our cameras!

We then spent the whole day looking for the Tiger, and doing lots of fun tiger activities, making tiger masks, using the magnifying glasses to search for clues and even making houses for the tiger, so that if he came he would have somewhere nice to stay!

What a wonderful day we had, which was enjoyed by everyone!

Photo of tiger at Priory Fields  Photo of tiger at Priory Fields


Big Picture

Within the warm and supportive confines of their new classroom, the children will listen to and engage with a range of stories. Children will share their own favourite stories with their new friends, and begin to explain, using their prior knowledge, why they like them. The children will explore their new environment and talk about a range of stories through role-play, small world and imaginary play.

As we play and explore, we will take part in simple pretend play, respond to new experiences and participate in everyday classroom routines.


We have been showing off this week how good we are at maths! We have been talking about how old we are and how old we will be next year. Then we used a lot of nursery rhymes to help us with our counting. Our favourite one was 1,2,3,4,5 Once I caught a fish alive! Then we compared each other’s height…we love using the height chart during child initiated!

Photos of maths work

Photo of child counting

Welcome To Early Years 2022-23!!!!!!!

We have been so open-minded to begin exploring our new environment both inside and outside. We have been starting to be collaborative by looking after the environment and putting the toys away. Here are some pictures of us being our value of the week which is the Happy Hippo. Stay tuned for some more INCREDIBLE learning!

Photos of children playing

Photos of children in week 1